Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Temporary Solutions for Kashmiri Problems

* All things in this blog is for Kashmiri devanagari only
Kashmiri Standardise in 2002 in CIIL by Shri. RK Bhat, but it is very sad still they don't got additional required code point in unicode devanagari code page u+0900. I have seen www.koshur.org on this website there is lots of content available for kashmiri, basic of kashmiri, its sounds and using only these resources given in this website anybody can learn kashmiri. Going through this website person will definitely understand in unicode devanagari codepage we need additional code points for kashmiri for sounds û & ü.

Then what is reason Unicode is still not supporting kashmiri fully??
Actually earlier community people discussed with unicode, but the thing is kashmri required vowel sound û & ü are little bit same like Gurumukhi vowels u & uu, so unicode suggested to use that else, propose the same to unicode.
But that solutions has may problems , since first thing is gurumukhi shape is different than require.
and there is lots of other problems from rendering and font side. Since if we type Gurumukhi matra u+0a42 in side Devanagari text it identifies it as punjabi language syllable, recognizing as invalid syllable
and through u+25cc mark in between devanagari character and gurumukhi matra. And dont gives the required combination.
The using matras of gurumukhi will not solve the problems since corresponding vowels signs also required.

Presently for Translation work i am putting these shapes at location u+e500, u+e501, u+e502 and u+e503 in lohit and samyak fonts. Yes i know it is wrong since data getting created using these code-points will be not standardize but no option because unicode thing will take long time and we cant stop our work, so as soon as we will get code-point in unicode we will use converter or replace these with proper value.

added first character of above image on Inscript V , Third character on B
Second & Fourth Character on # & $ key

become root user
1.take backup of font - copy /usr/share/fonts/lohit-hindi/
2. paste http://pravins.fedorapeople.org/kashmiri_temp/lohit_hi.ttf this font at same location
3. take back-up of mim file /usr/share/m17n/hi-inscript.mim
4. paste this file http://pravins.fedorapeople.org/kashmiri_temp/hi-inscript.mim at same location

just logoff and u can now type kashmiri using key #, $ and V and B