Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Indic typing booster is now ibus-typing-booster

   I am sure that most of the Fedora users should be familiar with this change. We started this change due to number of architectural changes and increase in the scope of project.

  ibus-typing-booster is very actively developed in last couple of years and now has number of essential and add-on features required for predictive text input method.  I will soon start documenting these features and if time permits will create one screencast demonstrating it.

  Since indic-typing-booster  mailing list does not going to have anymore update from onwards, i will simply add all id's subscribed here to ibus-typing-booster (cc'ed) mailing list and disable indic-typing-booster mailing list.

  Looking forward to have some good debates on ibus-typing-booster soon.

  Thanks all for supporting, motivating and contributing to indic-typing-booster.