Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fedora 29 Release party at Pune, India

We had a great Fedora 29 release party at Pune, India on 15th December.

Following are the highlights of the event:

  • 18 Members attended the event
  • I did a presented on Fedora 29 features. Slide Link
  • Parag presented on RPM packaging. 
  • Followed by Q&A and nice Cake cutting.

After six months of hard work from many Fedora contributors, its really feel proud to talk about Fedora 29 features. Also specifically mentioning consistency of Fedora over the last 15 years. In 15 years we reached from Fedora core 1 to Fedora 29.

Parag's talk was very nice, it cleared so many basic things on packaging side including rpm, yum, dnf and spec file. In Q&A we discussed having this session like workshop and actually doing rpm packaging of particular package will be more helpful.

Fedora 29 release party cake


From the learning side, We thought we should keep on choosing different venue's for Fedora events. Its always easy to do it in Red Hat office but having it at different location helps to get new audience as well.

Also the planning must be start 1 month before the event.

Nice experience and Thanks to organizing members Parag Nemade, Suprith Gangawar, Ompragash Vishwanathan, Pooja Yadav.  Thanks to Akshay Gaikwad for preparing image for Cake and all attendees for making it success.