Monday, May 05, 2008

Google Translation tool: (My First Look)

Just saw today google translation tool, nice to see effort they have done for hindi-to-english and english-to-hindi
playing with it just 5 min gave me following results:

While doing from Hindi-to-english
i/p: तुम कौन हो -> What you have
expected result: who are you
i/p: मे घर जा रहा हु -> Hu is in the home ->
expected result: I am going home

While doing from english-to-Hindi
i/p: who are you -> आप जो कर रहे हैं
expected result: तुम कौन हो
i/p: go away -> दूर
expected result:दूर जा

so i found its accuracy something around 20-30% for sentence. It is good for single word.

while speaking about translation from english-hindi and hindi-english is really very tough job, since
1. For single english word there are lots of hindi words available so its really difficult for tool to understand, It need manual editing for improving accuracy.

2. Meaning of words keeps on changing according to statement while changing from english to hindi

3. Structure of sentence, if you observe carefully, 'is' 'was' comes in the middle of english sentence same translated things comes in the last part of hindi sentence.

4. Determining sex of sentence is a tedious task
Statement "I am going" this statement have two forms depending upon who actually speaking it
male "मे जा रहा हु" Female : "मे जा रही हु"
This can be achieve only if we know who is actually speaking it from previous statements else we need manual editing.

5. Most Important thing it need strong dictionary in the background for all these comparisons and should have all possibles words for particular word.

Good to see google tried it, some more work will definitely improve it lot!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Including smc-fonts package(Malayalam fonts) in Fedora 9.

I really found it useful to write here since i think its nice to see many Malayalam typefaces/fonts in Fedora 9 now. so now Malayalam users not need to install these fonts manually they can easily just do

yum install smc-fonts-*

they will get these fonts in Fedora 9

Its really worth to write here, since it was really difficult adding this package in Fedora, since there was lots of issue in this package as per (FPG)Fedora packaging guideline. and i am happy that finally i done required adjustments and finally it is in Fedora 9.

1) There was license inside fonts but not easily viewable, person should have fontforge or any other font tool to actually see that license

2) Then i got detached Licensed text from upstream in this tar ball but it not solved the problem
since this package consist fonts from different upstream project all with different License.
and as per FPG we cant make a single package having different license inside it.

3) Its really nice, alternative options is given there for almost all the situation in FPG, i studied all these things from the expertise, and finally added sub packaging support in smc-fonts and then kept it for review. Thanks to FPG for good documentation.

4) thanks to Rahul Bhalerao who actually done review for this very complex packaging example, since it was not regular package it was package with different license and different upstream versions.

you can see bug for more details

as per review suggestions i modified it and finally Jens Peterson gave cvs access and now smc-fonts is in Fedora 9.
cheers for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Presently i am fedora downstream maintainer of smc-fonts package it includes fonts "meera, rachana, raghumalayalam, dyuthi and suruma"

if you found any bug in these fonts feel free to file it at