Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fedora 15 support Kashmiri language using Devanagari Script !!!!!!!!

This is really excellent feeling, it was 2007 when we first identified problems with Kashmiri Devanagari
  1. Few key Matras (U+0956, U+0957) and corresponding vowels (U+0976, U+0977) were missing in Unicode (Now available from Unicode 6.0)
  2. localedata was not available for Kashmiri Devanagari (
  3. Not much knowledge on how to deal with issues of One language multiple script in glibc locale (using lang@script )
  4. No Fonts supporting Kashmiri  (Now its Lohit)
  5. No Keymaps (ks-inscript.mim)
    Finally today i can say that all these issues are resolved and one can type kashmiri words without any problem.

    It took long time though but standardization is time consuming process :(. most of the time taken in proposal acceptance by Unicode.

    Thanks to all who supported this, specifically from , Department of Information Technology (Swarn Lata Madam, Director & HoD, TDIL Programme and Manoj Jain) also from community M.K. Raina, Raman Kaul and Rakesh Pandit. I really appreciate effort done by Mr. M.K Raina in Kashmiri language. We used those as a reference in standardization process.

    Kashmiri Devanagari community will be happy to know Fedora 15 support Kashmiri Devanagari, Now one can see kashmiri content, create Kashmiri content in Fedora. This all in standardize way with Unicode.

    Surely this will boost kashmiri localization activities.