Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summaries from Gnome Asia Summit 2016

Hats of for making it happen in India again. Most of the information regarding conference available at web. Though i am using Gnome almost 10+ years, this is my first Gnome summit and also mine first conference as a Keynote speaker.

Day Zero

  1. Manav Rachana is big university with promising upcoming talents in the form of bright students. Its worth to making event Gnome Asia here.
  2. Excellent campus
  3. Workshop on first day was worth, Since i arrived late, attended last GStreamer workshop and that happened really in great depth. Excellent stuff from Speakers Nirbheek Chauhan and Arun Raghavan.

Day One

  1. It was good to see Gnome contributors on stage. Quick introduction from most of the members. University lead by excellent peoples. Talk from K.K. Aggarwal was really motivating. Loved some stories from him, specifically Frog one - Good to be deaf in some situation.
  2. Next Billion users for GNOME talk was good. Even i am sure with sandboxing, application will become platform independent and best one (most likely FOSS apps) will win Users. Amen !! for Next Billions :)
  3. Though i thought we are behind schedule but case was not that, due to good buffer in lunch time. Happy nicely handled by organizers.
  4. Here my talk started. As usual i tried to make it bit two-way rather than one way communication. Covered Indian language status and also covered how it can help to contributors specifically students.
    After my talk: We had good lightening talks.

    Post lunch we started parallel session. Ankit Prateek had huge slide deck for "Privacy & Security in the Age of Surveillance ". He covered very important topics, i am sure after his talk many attendees must have thought for there privacy on Web 2.0 Era.

    Later there was talk by "Functionality, Security, Usability: Choose any two. Or GNOME."   He invited developers for contributions.

    Thanks to PJP, Pranav for managing Fedora booth during first day. We had good crowd around and good communication whole day.

    Day ended with lightening talks. In the evening i visited Tughlaqabad fort with Tobias, Daiki and Raju.

Day Two

    Third day i arrived bit early, had good conversion with faculty and students. Ekaterina gave nice keynote and provided most of pointers for starting with gnome contribution.

    After Tea, i remained at Fedora booth. Had good time resolving queries from new users. I think overall 6-7 students installed Fedora in 2 days, mostly on VirtualBox. They were asking what's are the feature of Fedora? and i was like what do you want? :)

    During August Manav Rachana planning for activities on FOSS stuff and they were collecting contacts from speakers.
    Post lunch, i attended talk from Ueno on "Contribute your first application to GNOME" and Tobias on "Five years of GNOME 3"

    Then we had again nice lightening talks and closing ceremony.

Nice Swags  

  • University provided Momento and Certificated to all speakers.
  • Also speakers received Micro Charge&Data.
  • T-Shirts and  Shoes from Conference.

    Funny part was last year FUDCon 2015 we provided socks to participants and Gnome went ahead and provided shoes ;)

Fedora booth 2nd last day Pranav


    Overall Gnome Asia 2016 was good conference with good content and at right location. I hope we will get lots of contributors from Manav Rachana International university in coming years.
   We had good presence of Fedora over all days. Missed Fedora 23 DVD's.