Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to enable Khmer language input method with ibus-typing-booster in Fedora 22/23

Tomorrow we have translation sprint for Khmer language. Thought good to
 write this blog, may be help to try ibus-typing-booster during sprint.

Step zero: Install hunspell-km and ibus-typing-booster
$dnf install hunspell-km ibus-typing-booster -y

Step one:
Click on Setting

Step two: Click on Keyboard
Step three: Click on Input sources
Step four: Click on "+"
Step five: Search for Khmer and then click on Central khmer
Step eight: Select hunspell

Setp nine: Open any application - gedit and selct from panel Central-khmer
Hope this help. I did not saw typing booster ime in khmer langugae though but may be we dont have m17n map that is reason.

Need to explore more. Wrote this blog in very short time, may be will improve more later.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Five days to go for first ever Globalization Fedora activity day

Tokyo streets at night

I am sure most of you must be aware regarding G11N FAD happening from 1st to 3rd Nov in Tokyo Japan.

This blog is specifically to highlight present status of FAD.
  •  All attendees travel and accommodation stuff done. This was most challenging part since Tokyo is very costly and managing everything in budget was difficult. Thanks to all attendees to agree for partial subsidy.
  • Tickets filed for subsidy requests.
  • VISA's done.
  • Venue room bookings done.
  • Schedule is almost done. Earlier we were planning to cover all topics in session type manner. Jens suggested covering it through hackathon will be more productive. Everyone agreed and now we have almost 50-60% time specifically for hackathon. 
  • Lunch arrangement almost done.
  • Social Event - Dinner place not decided yet.
  • Fedora 23 release party. Had couple of issues for this but looks ok. 1st is Fedora 23 schedule slip by one week. Still we are lucky planning this exactly on 3rd Nov. :) 2nd Waiting for confirmation from Japanese Ambassador David (Dramsey). Earlier got positive response from him so expecting he will be there.
We are going to work on some cool stuff
  • Glibc locales sub-packaing
  • Automated testing for i18n and l10n.
  • Localizing Fedora magazine articles.
  • Review on recent Fedora Zanata users survey. 
  • ...and much more 
I am sure we will able to complete some of these.

What should other do?
 If you have any queries or nice idea on G11N side, feel free to send email to g11n AT lists DOT fedoraproject DOT org

Remote attendees: If everything goes well, one can simply dial in and listen all the presentation. Though remote participating in hackathon will be difficult but will try to communicate through irc. We already have couple of Remote participants.

For more information stay tuned on #fedora-g11n and g11n AT lists DOT fedoraproject DOT org

Cheers !!