Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to enable Khmer language input method with ibus-typing-booster in Fedora 22/23

Tomorrow we have translation sprint for Khmer language. Thought good to
 write this blog, may be help to try ibus-typing-booster during sprint.

Step zero: Install hunspell-km and ibus-typing-booster
$dnf install hunspell-km ibus-typing-booster -y

Step one:
Click on Setting

Step two: Click on Keyboard
Step three: Click on Input sources
Step four: Click on "+"
Step five: Search for Khmer and then click on Central khmer
Step eight: Select hunspell

Setp nine: Open any application - gedit and selct from panel Central-khmer
Hope this help. I did not saw typing booster ime in khmer langugae though but may be we dont have m17n map that is reason.

Need to explore more. Wrote this blog in very short time, may be will improve more later.

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