Sunday, November 01, 2015

Globalization Fedora Activity Day 1 Report

 Dunno how many of you know but Just in time was invented in Japan. Same way FAD day 1 started just in time as planned :) Everyone was at meeting points at the time. Information about G11N FAD available at Wiki.

It was nice feeling to meet team members we usually chat on IRC. Carlos and Alex was joining from Open Stack summit to G11N FAD but still were looking very fresh. I think one of the reason behind is Tokyo is such an excellent city keeps you fresh :)

One more members joined us from Japan localization group Tomoyuki Kato
for FAD.

Jens started with welcoming all and provided some basic information regarding FAD and we had quick round of  introductions. Everyone joined #fedora-g11n

Sundeep was trying to join remotely but was difficult to arrange stuff remotely. So later enable telephone line and asked to join there.

Then i started with Fedora Globalization status and discussion topic. Slides are available at Slideshare We had some good discussion at the end of session regarding how other language communities manage things and what is misisng in Fedora. Most of us agreed for need of Fedora Governance for G11N, Easy to start guide for L10N and improving motivation factors for L10N contributors including Badges and reasonable budget for organizing sprints.

Later Noriko and Ani presentation on L10N status and discussion. Briefly touched to following points
  • Benefits for being Fedora L10N members
  • History of L10N.
  • Difficulties in finding where to start.
  • Wiki improvements/cleanup needed urgently.
  • Startup guide in wiki. Single page for all contributors.
  • Confusion in Zanata URL
  • Present as a G11N rather than L10N in Fedora groups now.
  • Lack of Fedora l10n resources and leadership
    • eg Mozilla and Open Stack has full-time person working on l10n coordination
  • Need to improve Fedora release schedule to get more language L10N.
Discussions were going on but we thought to good have further discussions in hackathon session.

Then Akira Tagoh took over and started I18N status and discussion session. Slides are here. He touched most of the hot topic on i18n including recent features, meetings, what are the important part in i18n. Later we had questions about how to propose new change proposal in Fedora, Bugzilla status.
Meanwhile Pizza's arrived, so being organizer plus key g11n members Tagoh-san need to run away so Jens took over.

Later we took break for lunch and had discussions on Fedora events and happening in FUDCon's.

One of the interesting thing was Khmer language sprint was active in Cambodia same time and gnokii and team was raising few issues on #fedora-g11n. Jens and gnokii planned to have quick hangout session.

Lunch after Alex presented on Zanata updates. He shown very interesting slides with lots of statistics and graphs. Participants asked for few more statistics.
Some of the discussions topics were
  • How’s contributor licensing works with Zanata?
  • All Fedora not got same branch name.
  • How to get release based statistics for Fedora.
  • Migrate bugzilla to JIRA. Create JIRA with tag Fedora.
  • Mobile support required for L10N of Japanese.
Then we started with our hackathon. We had so many important topics and were just thinking from where to start. Jens and Tagoh'san had created nice spreadsheet for schedule earlier but same time we were not much interested to force participants and be flexible with schedule. We split up into 5 groups and started hackathon.

Around 3 hours worked on various topics. I think lets each group write some blog post on things they hacked later.

At 5pm we had hangout with Khmer language sprint team. It was great one big group doing hangout with other group working on G11N stuff :)
gnokii, botreynisa and kuylim did good work on improving Khmer language localization. Happy to see they are working with objective to make Fedora 24 100% translated in Khmer language. So big +1 for it !!

Later we had brief summary from each members regarding how day went and what they hacked on during day.

Overall good first day. Tomorrow except Hangout with FPL we are going to hackathon whole day, so expecting even more productive day. Almost 00:37 here at Japan now, ohh FAD day 2 started already ;)

Stay tuned !!

 G11N FAD 2015

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