Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Globalization Fedora activity day-3 report

    Third and last day was more action packed. As per schedule we were planning to complete all activities by Lunch and have presentations from participants on completed activity post lunch session. Then F24 planning, FAD closing, followed by F23 release party. It went as follows.

    I worked more on cleanup of Globalization governance group proposal and also worked bit more on Wiki cleanup.

    Same time other activities were going on like Determining list of important packages for Fedora. While checking Fedora packages in Zanata instance, we started how we can better group packages in Zanata. This discussion lasted for long time. Its really complicated presently.

    Situation is: Ideally fedora.zanata.org should have only packages from Fedora repos. But some package maintainers in Fedora also hold/lead the upstream of same packages. They decided to keep upstream repo itself in fedora.zanata.org.
    Branch confusion: Upstream packages has only master branch and Fedora packages has F22, F23, master etc.. We give more priority to active Fedora branch i.e. F23.
    Release: Upstream packages follows different schedule than Fedora. Contributing in master does not guarantee it will get included in Fedora XX release.

    And how about packages only has upstream in fedora.zanata.org but those are not in Fedora. I hope, no such packages are there.

    This discussion lasted for around hour, almost everyone jumped in. We came up with new structure and thought lets get back to other imp. task.
    We discussed on improving String freeze and Translation deadline for Fedora. We had good discussion but later while thinking how many packages breaks string freeze, only name that came up was Anaconda. We thought good to track it and also there is already plan to have some script which can automatically find string breaks. It will solve the issue. I really felt this discussion was not possible on IRC and actual meeting help to understand most of the complexities.

    It was lunch time. Sandwiches were there. We all braked for lunch but still few people were discussing and working.

    As per schedule after lunch everyone was suppose to present hackathon summary and then start Fedora 23 release party. But....

    We saw everyone was so involved in work and actually were trying to give finishing touch or wanted to discuss more. We decided lets extend it some more time. Rather than starting summary sessions At 1pm we started those around 3:30pm.

    Finally summary session started :) We followed order given on G11N FAD Wiki page. Format was, what have you been working in last 2 days, outcome and plans for future. I am expecting more detailed about this in in individual blog and mostly will add these things in community blog of Fedora.

    Everyone presented and it was around 5:00pm, We had still few topic pending i.e. Fedora 24 planning and official FAD closing. Jens insisted for F24 planning and we decided to drop Fedora 23 release party (I had prepared presentation for F23 features :( )

    But decision was worth, we got an excellent list for Fedora 24 plan. Planning in face to face meeting and planning on IRC is completely different experience. Sometime in IRC only few people speak but here everyone was so into it. List is already in summary document. Anyway its not bad to Celebrate Fedora 23 by doing development plan for Fedora 24 release, so hats off to everyone :)

    Then we started FAD closing session and it was around 6pm already, i would like to thank everyone since on last day most of the people want to leave early due to either travelling or some other plan but here everyone was there to see official closing of FAD. It shows success.

    In last Fedora G11N meeting, we decided to collaborate on Fedora community blog post specific on G11N FAD. Hoping will able to complete it soon. Will upload more photos later !! :)

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