Friday, November 13, 2009

brisbane visit (first post)

better to right this now since i think there are many more going to come

what's a lengthy travelling from Mumbai to Brisbane,
it took almost 31 hour for me from Mumbai to here Brisbane
i leave Mumbai on 6th Friday 1pm and reach here in Brisbane on 8 morning 10am (IST 5:30am)

though hospitality was good in emirates

now i really feel we should have taken route Mumbai-Singapore-Brisbane instead of Mumbai-Dubai-Brisbane.
but still some +ve point were
Dubai airport was excellent, its so huge and so many things around
lucky we got a good time to rest in Spring Hill Apt. on Sunday.

umm bit ok with food, but not very good though
i guess will need try some indian food restuarant...

Note: posting bit late, i came to Brisbane 8th Nov