Monday, August 31, 2015

Fedora 23 Internationalization test day today !!

We have planned Fedora 23 i18n test day today. Most of the details are available on test day page regarding how to execute test day.

From the changes side we have 3 changes this time
Basic motivation behind this test day is to make sure all essentials components for languages working fine.
  • Enconding's 
  • Fonts
    • Default selected fonts are appropriate for languages.
  • IME's
    • IBus
    • Default input methods
  • Rendering & Printing
    • For complex scripts Left-to-Right etc.
  • Locales
    • Locale available with default installation
    • Its processing
  • I18n Tools
    • fonts tweak tools
    • dnf langpacks
    • IM settings
    • spell checkers 
 Above are just few top of the mind things for languages. Requesting all Fedora users and developers participate in test day and make sure your language components work fine in Fedora 23.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fedora 22 release event at Aurangabad, India

    This is my 7th event specific on Fedora after becoming an Ambassador. Ashutosh is already doing good for promoting Fedora in Aurangabad. He earlier did Fedora 21 release party at his institute and took number of topics around Fedora.

    During FUDCon APAC we were talking about doing Fedora 22 release event at Aurangabad. Plan was to do it bit bigger with one of the major institute in Aurangabad. Thought will take some break after FUDCon and decided to do it in August. Ashutosh had initial discussions with "CHH. SHAHU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING".  Most of the details regarding Release events are available at Wiki page.

    I have been never to Aurangabad and wanted to be there but was not sure whther i can actually make it. Most of the time during discussions with Ashutosh i was like plan as per your convenience and if possible i will jump in the last moment. Decided date as a 21st August and luckily me too able to make it :)

    I think event we did happened in good time. Red Hat GLS team recently signed MOU with CSMSS for "Red Hat ACADEMY - Hands-on curriculum for academic programs". There is already excitement on Free of open source software's. We were even more lucky that Business Development Manager - Ipsita Chatterjee was there. She shown interest for supporting Fedora activities and ask to inform her whenever any support required.

Yummy Cake of Fedora 22 release

    Coming back to event, Fedora release event i have attended till date used to be small scale i.e. around 20-50. This was an exception and bit bigger in scale. Around 250+ students were there. All the things happened very formally. Introductory talks from Principle and HOD of CSMSS. Then felicitation of guests.  Before starting actual program we did release of DVD's and cut the cake.

From left: Ms. Ipsita C, Principle Dr. U. B. Shinde, Me, Mr. Ashutosh B, Pushpendra C. Hod. Dr. S. P. Abhang

    Normally i like to talk on Fedora + Globalization. But since this was first event at this college. Talking on Basics of FOSS and Fedora was important. Started with basics of foss and introduction to Fedora.

Few nice moments

    Then Ashutosh started with demonstrating installation of Fedora 22. Initially we started with netinstall iso but somehow it was not working well. Then we changed iso. in meanwhile we started asking questions to students and Red Hat GLS gave few goodies to students who gave correct answers.

    I think demonstrating installation of Fedora is very important, specifically at places new to Fedora. It gives bit more confidence and also motivate person to try Fedora. After major steps of installation, while packages were getting installed Pushpendra started his talk.

    Pushpendra Chavan travelled from Pune to Aurangabad specially for release event. He delivered talk on "Features of Fedora Workstation". During his talk he also motivated students by telling his own story about how he came to field of FOSS.

    Lastly i did closing of release event by talking on How to contribute to Fedora and how it can help to students. This talk was well taken by students. It provided ideas to students regarding what they can do in Fedora. I also mentioned about recent proposal to council regarding providing certificate to students doing contribution to Fedora.

    Unfortunately by this time it was already 1:45pm and everyone was hungry. We missed Q&A session. But still we were there for some time and answering to queries of students.

    In the morning we mate with HOD Dr. Abhang and really impressed with his interest in moving Fedora ahead. We had quick meeting with principle where we had nice discussions on Fedora and open standards. CSMSS college is just in there third year but if one see progress its excellent. Management is very supportive and very much interested in Linux. They believe in Free and open source. Libreoffice is already is use by all CSMSS staff and they have already moved couple of LABS into Fedora. Infrastructure is awesome. Most of the latest technologies already in CSMSS including digital board. (At least i saw it first time). I mentioned to management about Fedora certificate to students for completing activities.

    Special thanks to Ashutosh for taking initiative for this event, CSMSS Principle Dr. Shinde and HOD Dr. Abhang for hospitality and arrangement and Pushpendra for travelling Aurangabad for this event.

   Going forward we need to conduct couple of session to educate CSMSS students further on Fedora. Soon i will discuss with other Ambassadors, Developers and plan one.

Group photo with Fedora 22 DVD's

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fedora Localization test tomorrow (18th Aug 2015)

I always wonder how fast Fedora keeps on moving. I am going to Aurangabad, India for Fedora 22 release event coming Friday and at other end Fedora Alpha 23 released last week and we are going to execute Fedora 23 L10n test day tomorrow.

Coming back to topic on Fedora Localization test day. In last couple of months we formed Fedora G11N group and started to work in improving things.

Number of improvements has been happened for F23 L10n test day. Those are as follows.
  1. Re-evaluated application list for testing. (Still i feel we can improve it further by discussing on devel list)
  2. Test cases has been cleaned and improved for F23 releases. 
  3. Test day app is finally in use :)
Saying that now its time to test Fedora 23 readiness for your language.

As usual start testing process with L10n test day page This page has all the details you will be required. If any problem feel free to ping peoples on #fedora-test-day.

I know people are still returning from flock-2015, so might not get time to execute L10N test day. Though we mark particular day for testing, you can still execute test steps in your free time. For L10n test day we might wait for single or couple of weeks for evaluating testing results. Good if you can complete before it :)