Monday, August 17, 2015

Fedora Localization test tomorrow (18th Aug 2015)

I always wonder how fast Fedora keeps on moving. I am going to Aurangabad, India for Fedora 22 release event coming Friday and at other end Fedora Alpha 23 released last week and we are going to execute Fedora 23 L10n test day tomorrow.

Coming back to topic on Fedora Localization test day. In last couple of months we formed Fedora G11N group and started to work in improving things.

Number of improvements has been happened for F23 L10n test day. Those are as follows.
  1. Re-evaluated application list for testing. (Still i feel we can improve it further by discussing on devel list)
  2. Test cases has been cleaned and improved for F23 releases. 
  3. Test day app is finally in use :)
Saying that now its time to test Fedora 23 readiness for your language.

As usual start testing process with L10n test day page This page has all the details you will be required. If any problem feel free to ping peoples on #fedora-test-day.

I know people are still returning from flock-2015, so might not get time to execute L10N test day. Though we mark particular day for testing, you can still execute test steps in your free time. For L10n test day we might wait for single or couple of weeks for evaluating testing results. Good if you can complete before it :)

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