Thursday, July 24, 2008

Naneghat Rappelling

zoom it too see people doing rappelling

one nice view...

Naneghat Rappelling
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I did Naneghat rappelling last week, it was very nice experience, Naneghat is 2800ft height form Sea Level and i did rappelling from top 2800ft to 2500ft , 300ft rappelling.
In life 1st time i was doing rappelling but organizers were very experienced and they gave good confidence initially also rappelling trail for 30ft. It boosted my confident.
Finally done it with lots of doubt in mind should i or should i not, but it was awesome experience and very few people gets such experience and i am one of them :)
This camp included moonlight trekking also, unfortunately we were late to reach at Naneghat base (expected 1am but we reached at 3am) but we got at least 1 1/2 hrs of moon light trekking.
Reason for reaching late was driver was drunk heavily and he was not able to drive bus, we stopped bus immediately and called his manager luckily he gave us new driver at 1am that's why we able to reach there, otherwise it was almost cancel.
when we reached to the top of Naneghat we got breakfast, Tea and then choice of either go for Jivdhan Trek first or Rappelling first but we were excited for rappelling and we did that first.
then one nice sleep then back to pune.
When from different view we saw other people's doing rappelling, we cant believed we done that..
Camp was form Sat 11pm to Sun 9pm included Tea, Break Fast, Lunch and evening snacks and all this is in Just for 1400rs.
some snaps:

ready for rappelling with instructor and all safety instrument

Me with Naneghat while watching rappelling of other people

dont know which script is this, but something was written there in Cave

with friends afte completing trek

Me while trekking

Naneghat view from base at 4:30am