Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Minutes of G11N meeting 2015/11/25

Though i dont do this often. Adding meeting minutes in blog today. :)

#fedora-meeting: g11n

Meeting started by pravins at 06:00:42 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. agenda and roll call (pravins, 06:00:56)
    1. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2015-11-25 (pravins, 06:00:57)
  2. Upcoming schedule (pravins, 06:02:18)
    1. 2016-01-12 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes) (pravins, 06:02:18)
    2. not scheduled yet Side Tag Builds Deadline (pravins, 06:02:18)
    3. not required Mass Rebuild (pravins, 06:02:18)
    4. 2016-02-02 Branch Fedora 24 from Rawhide (Rawhide becomes future F25) (pravins, 06:02:18)
    5. 2016-02-16 Alpha Freeze (*) (pravins, 06:02:19)
    6. 2016-02-16 Software String Freeze (pravins, 06:02:21)
    7. 2016-02-16 Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable) (pravins, 06:02:23)
    8. 2016-02-16 Bodhi activation point (pravins, 06:02:25)
  3. Outstanding task (pravins, 06:03:46)
    1. #36: gnome redesign plans for control-center Region and Languages (anishpatil) (pravins, 06:03:47)
    2. ACTION: anish_ to update bug report to disable xkb layouts for Indian language in gnome. (pravins, 06:09:01)
    3. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=756939 (pravins, 06:09:07)
  4. New topics (pravins, 06:09:43)
    1. #43: G11N FAD in 2015 (pravins) (pravins, 06:09:52)
    2. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/43 (pravins, 06:09:52)
    3. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/43#comment:16 (pravins, 06:11:56)
    4. ACTION: All FAD attendees to upload report/summaries blog link on ticket #43 (pravins, 06:13:55)
    5. ACTION: pravins to ask all FAD attendees for summaries and reports. (pravins, 06:14:11)
    6. paragan expense claim is almost done. (pravins, 06:17:40)
    7. anish_ expense claim approved and moved to Ruth for reimbursement. (pravins, 06:17:58)
    8. mfabian will complete event reports and expense claim today. (pravins, 06:18:45)
    9. No report and expense claims from Ani and Noriko yet. (pravins, 06:19:40)
    10. ACTION: pravins to work on Collaborating summary post on G11N Fedora activities day. (pravins, 06:20:37)
    11. #57: Fedora 24 change planing (pravins) (pravins, 06:21:17)
    12. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/57 (pravins, 06:21:21)
    13. IDEA: String Breakage monitoring (Jens, Akira) (pravins, 06:22:13)
    14. IDEA: Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core (Fujiwara) (pravins, 06:23:10)
    15. Confusion should it be merged into IBus or simply fork since not active upstream. (pravins, 06:23:24)
    16. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Glibc_locale_subpackaging (pravins, 06:25:37)
    17. ACTION: fujiwarat to set deadline for "Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core" (pravins, 06:28:11)
    18. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LU-PmtuirbGd7wfxUuKTz7X6fsv82PVPgZaDELi4js/edit# (pravins, 06:32:04)
    19. IDEA: ibus-typing-booster: AltGr support (mfabian) (pravins, 06:32:29)
    20. IDEA: Pinyin/zhuyin (epico) (pravins, 06:32:39)
    21. IDEA: Automation of langpack LiveCD ( paragan ) (pravins, 06:33:17)
    22. IDEA: PoC of NextGen G11n workflow (Jens/Zanata?) (pravins, 06:33:21)
    23. IDEA: ITS for Gnome ( ueno ) (pravins, 06:33:46)
    24. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2015-October/msg00013.html (pravins, 06:37:28)
    25. IDEA: Automatic testing ( tagoh___) (pravins, 06:37:51)
    26. IDEA: Description support of the configuration in fontconfig ( tagoh___) (pravins, 06:38:07)
    27. ACTION: paragan to create ticket for Automation of langpack LiveCD for better tracking status. (pravins, 06:41:43)
    28. ACTION: pravins to drop email on i18n list with all missed idea for F24. (pravins, 06:43:20)
    29. #58: Prioritizing bugs for Fedora 24 release (pravins) (pravins, 06:45:33)
    30. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/58 (pravins, 06:45:34)
    31. All open bugs are available on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2015-11-25 (pravins, 06:47:22)
    32. Rawhide bugs: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?v4=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o5=substring&f1=OP&o3=substring&list_id=578982&v3=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o2=substring&f4=reporter&v5=i18n&query_format=advanced&j1=OR&f3=cc&f2=assigned_to&o4=substring&bug_status=__open__&version=rawhide&f5=keywords&f6=CP&v2=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&product=Fedora (pravins, 06:48:23)
    33. Fedora 23 bugs https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?v4=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o5=substring&f1=OP&o3=substring&v3=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o2=substring&f4=reporter&v5=i18n&query_format=advanced&j1=OR&f3=cc&f2=assigned_to&o4=substring&bug_status=__open__&version=23&f5=keywords&f6=CP&v2=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&product=Fedora (pravins, 06:49:04)
    34. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?v4=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o5=substring&f1=OP&o3=substring&v3=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&o2=substring&f4=reporter&v5=i18n&query_format=advanced&j1=OR&f3=cc&f2=assigned_to&o4=substring&bug_status=__open__&version=22&f5=keywords&f6=CP&v2=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&product=Fedora (pravins, 06:49:13)
    35. ACTION: Everyone to select few bugs from Bug list for Fedora 24 development cycle. (pravins, 06:50:49)
    36. ACTION: pravins to create Wiki for listing bugs for Fedora 24. (pravins, 06:53:43)
    37. #56: Fedora 21 EOL Bugs traiging (pravins ) (pravins, 06:53:59)
    38. https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/56 (pravins, 06:53:59)
    39. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=__open__&f1=OP&f2=assigned_to&f3=cc&f4=reporter&f5=keywords&f6=CP&j1=OR&list_id=4233591&o2=substring&o3=substring&o4=substring&o5=substring&product=Fedora&query_format=advanced&v2=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v3=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v4=i18n-bugs%40lists.fedoraproject.org&v5=i18n&version=21 (pravins, 06:54:47)
    40. ACTION: pravins to drop email on i18n list with open bugs (pravins, 07:00:34)
    41. ACTION: paragan ueno epico tagoh___ to triage open bugs for Fedora 21. (pravins, 07:01:13)
    42. #15: Questions on Translation work flow for Fedora Website (pravins, 07:01:38)
    43. https://fedorahosted.org/g11n/ticket/15 (pravins, 07:01:38)
    44. ACTION: resolve "Questions on Translation work flow for Fedora Website" by Next week G11N meeting. (pravins, 07:04:51)
  5. Open Floor (pravins, 07:05:02)

Meeting ended at 07:09:04 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. anish_ to update bug report to disable xkb layouts for Indian language in gnome.
  2. All FAD attendees to upload report/summaries blog link on ticket #43
  3. pravins to ask all FAD attendees for summaries and reports.
  4. pravins to work on Collaborating summary post on G11N Fedora activities day.
  5. fujiwarat to set deadline for "Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core"
  6. paragan to create ticket for Automation of langpack LiveCD for better tracking status.
  7. pravins to drop email on i18n list with all missed idea for F24.
  8. Everyone to select few bugs from Bug list for Fedora 24 development cycle.
  9. pravins to create Wiki for listing bugs for Fedora 24.
  10. pravins to drop email on i18n list with open bugs
  11. paragan ueno epico tagoh___ to triage open bugs for Fedora 21.
  12. resolve "Questions on Translation work flow for Fedora Website" by Next week G11N meeting.

Action items, by person

  1. anish_
    1. anish_ to update bug report to disable xkb layouts for Indian language in gnome.
  2. epico
    1. paragan ueno epico tagoh___ to triage open bugs for Fedora 21.
  3. fujiwarat
    1. fujiwarat to set deadline for "Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core"
  4. paragan
    1. paragan to create ticket for Automation of langpack LiveCD for better tracking status.
    2. paragan ueno epico tagoh___ to triage open bugs for Fedora 21.
  5. pravins
    1. pravins to ask all FAD attendees for summaries and reports.
    2. pravins to work on Collaborating summary post on G11N Fedora activities day.
    3. pravins to drop email on i18n list with all missed idea for F24.
    4. pravins to create Wiki for listing bugs for Fedora 24.
    5. pravins to drop email on i18n list with open bugs
  6. ueno
    1. paragan ueno epico tagoh___ to triage open bugs for Fedora 21.
    1. All FAD attendees to upload report/summaries blog link on ticket #43
    2. Everyone to select few bugs from Bug list for Fedora 24 development cycle.
    3. resolve "Questions on Translation work flow for Fedora Website" by Next week G11N meeting.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Globalization Fedora activity day-3 report

    Third and last day was more action packed. As per schedule we were planning to complete all activities by Lunch and have presentations from participants on completed activity post lunch session. Then F24 planning, FAD closing, followed by F23 release party. It went as follows.

    I worked more on cleanup of Globalization governance group proposal and also worked bit more on Wiki cleanup.

    Same time other activities were going on like Determining list of important packages for Fedora. While checking Fedora packages in Zanata instance, we started how we can better group packages in Zanata. This discussion lasted for long time. Its really complicated presently.

    Situation is: Ideally fedora.zanata.org should have only packages from Fedora repos. But some package maintainers in Fedora also hold/lead the upstream of same packages. They decided to keep upstream repo itself in fedora.zanata.org.
    Branch confusion: Upstream packages has only master branch and Fedora packages has F22, F23, master etc.. We give more priority to active Fedora branch i.e. F23.
    Release: Upstream packages follows different schedule than Fedora. Contributing in master does not guarantee it will get included in Fedora XX release.

    And how about packages only has upstream in fedora.zanata.org but those are not in Fedora. I hope, no such packages are there.

    This discussion lasted for around hour, almost everyone jumped in. We came up with new structure and thought lets get back to other imp. task.
    We discussed on improving String freeze and Translation deadline for Fedora. We had good discussion but later while thinking how many packages breaks string freeze, only name that came up was Anaconda. We thought good to track it and also there is already plan to have some script which can automatically find string breaks. It will solve the issue. I really felt this discussion was not possible on IRC and actual meeting help to understand most of the complexities.

    It was lunch time. Sandwiches were there. We all braked for lunch but still few people were discussing and working.

    As per schedule after lunch everyone was suppose to present hackathon summary and then start Fedora 23 release party. But....

    We saw everyone was so involved in work and actually were trying to give finishing touch or wanted to discuss more. We decided lets extend it some more time. Rather than starting summary sessions At 1pm we started those around 3:30pm.

    Finally summary session started :) We followed order given on G11N FAD Wiki page. Format was, what have you been working in last 2 days, outcome and plans for future. I am expecting more detailed about this in in individual blog and mostly will add these things in community blog of Fedora.

    Everyone presented and it was around 5:00pm, We had still few topic pending i.e. Fedora 24 planning and official FAD closing. Jens insisted for F24 planning and we decided to drop Fedora 23 release party (I had prepared presentation for F23 features :( )

    But decision was worth, we got an excellent list for Fedora 24 plan. Planning in face to face meeting and planning on IRC is completely different experience. Sometime in IRC only few people speak but here everyone was so into it. List is already in summary document. Anyway its not bad to Celebrate Fedora 23 by doing development plan for Fedora 24 release, so hats off to everyone :)

    Then we started FAD closing session and it was around 6pm already, i would like to thank everyone since on last day most of the people want to leave early due to either travelling or some other plan but here everyone was there to see official closing of FAD. It shows success.

    In last Fedora G11N meeting, we decided to collaborate on Fedora community blog post specific on G11N FAD. Hoping will able to complete it soon. Will upload more photos later !! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Globalization FAD 2nd day report

    Took more time to write this than expected, thanks for back to back new activities for this. :)

    As per predictions it was raining on this day. Temperature dropped little bit more. Thank to Jens for already mentioning this, most of the people were with umbrella's and for few hotel provided them.

    Second day started with FPL's hangout. Meeting room speakers were not doing good join, so we decided just to project hangout on screen and dial in individually for listening and speaking.

FPL Matthew on Hangout addressing FAD group !!

    Hangout went very well with Matthew explaining, high priority items like Fedora Atomic and its importance with the rise of competition. Most of the developers are still working on core development and not that much concerned on G11N part yet. Suggested for us to look into it. Me briefly mentioned on activities we are doing and who are present. Session ended with Q&A with couple of questions like i.e. how can APAC people get funding for flock :) and Can Zanata team get more support from Fedora Infra team. Nice and Quick hangout helped to set up of remaining hackathon day. Its always bit run for everyone of us to manage with different timezones, we succeeded this time as well, thanks to Matthew for this :)

    First day discussion we felt Governance for G11N is missing and thought lets talk on it and sort out most of the things. Ok, background to this. There was Fedora localization steering committee once upon a time and they were resolving most of the issues related with L10N. But somehow its stopped.

Planned structure for G11N Governance group
 In present scenario there are around 81 language communities. Managing them and planning for this huge effort need some committee. We prepared our first draft and decided to present this to council. Jens mentioned one major point, whether it should be Steering committee or Working group. Decided to follow up on this next day.


Ueno'san, Peng Wu and Mike during hackathon

 Same time other parallel things were happening including Language Spins, Automated testing, IBus improvements and Glibc sub-packaging.

Bento Box

      Second day lunch was Bento box and hats of to Japanese for sense of colour combination and variety of food. Lunch was simply awesome.

      We have to vacant big meeting room due to Quarterly call. So we moved to breakout room

Noriko, Alex, Carlso and Ani during hackatohn in breakout room

Parag, Anish, Peng Wu and Ueno'san

Mike and Jens in Breakout room

     For Red Hat Forum 2015 Jim Whitehurst was in Tokyo and had meeting during same time in office. After his meeting he gave some time for signing copies of "The Open Organization" for RH employees :)

Most of the Red Hat FAD members used the opportunity and signed there copy. After couple of members signed book from Jim, Jim started noticing us saying, "So you are Fedora guy ;)

It was good to make some impact about Fedora activities. We took group photo with Jim :)

Please Consider Alex in this image - On Camera
    Changing meeting room and then again meet with Jim little bit distracted FAD schedule but i think its great to meet CEO. !!

    Around 4pm we again gathered and started working hard on hackathon topics. Continued few discussions plus Zanata survey result summary discussions. We were thinking to have Hackathon summary for the day session but we dropped planned since everyone was involved in hacking some stuff and not wanted to disturb them.

Alex, Ani and Carlos - Zanata survey analysis

    Second day was FAD social event day. It was dinner @ Indian Restaurant in Japan. Was bit frustrating for Indian attendees to eat Indian food in Japan. But Fujiwara'san convinced it is not that authentic Indian.

    It was excellent place, we grouped together, laughed, shouted, had food. Took so many photographs. ;)  Food style was Indian but flavours were Japanese. Unique combination ;)

  Overall great day with nice events !!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Globalization Fedora Activity Day 1 Report

 Dunno how many of you know but Just in time was invented in Japan. Same way FAD day 1 started just in time as planned :) Everyone was at meeting points at the time. Information about G11N FAD available at Wiki.

It was nice feeling to meet team members we usually chat on IRC. Carlos and Alex was joining from Open Stack summit to G11N FAD but still were looking very fresh. I think one of the reason behind is Tokyo is such an excellent city keeps you fresh :)

One more members joined us from Japan localization group Tomoyuki Kato
for FAD.

Jens started with welcoming all and provided some basic information regarding FAD and we had quick round of  introductions. Everyone joined #fedora-g11n

Sundeep was trying to join remotely but was difficult to arrange stuff remotely. So later enable telephone line and asked to join there.

Then i started with Fedora Globalization status and discussion topic. Slides are available at Slideshare We had some good discussion at the end of session regarding how other language communities manage things and what is misisng in Fedora. Most of us agreed for need of Fedora Governance for G11N, Easy to start guide for L10N and improving motivation factors for L10N contributors including Badges and reasonable budget for organizing sprints.

Later Noriko and Ani presentation on L10N status and discussion. Briefly touched to following points
  • Benefits for being Fedora L10N members
  • History of L10N.
  • Difficulties in finding where to start.
  • Wiki improvements/cleanup needed urgently.
  • Startup guide in wiki. Single page for all contributors.
  • Confusion in Zanata URL
  • Present as a G11N rather than L10N in Fedora groups now.
  • Lack of Fedora l10n resources and leadership
    • eg Mozilla and Open Stack has full-time person working on l10n coordination
  • Need to improve Fedora release schedule to get more language L10N.
Discussions were going on but we thought to good have further discussions in hackathon session.

Then Akira Tagoh took over and started I18N status and discussion session. Slides are here. He touched most of the hot topic on i18n including recent features, meetings, what are the important part in i18n. Later we had questions about how to propose new change proposal in Fedora, Bugzilla status.
Meanwhile Pizza's arrived, so being organizer plus key g11n members Tagoh-san need to run away so Jens took over.

Later we took break for lunch and had discussions on Fedora events and happening in FUDCon's.

One of the interesting thing was Khmer language sprint was active in Cambodia same time and gnokii and team was raising few issues on #fedora-g11n. Jens and gnokii planned to have quick hangout session.

Lunch after Alex presented on Zanata updates. He shown very interesting slides with lots of statistics and graphs. Participants asked for few more statistics.
Some of the discussions topics were
  • How’s contributor licensing works with Zanata?
  • All Fedora not got same branch name.
  • How to get release based statistics for Fedora.
  • Migrate bugzilla to JIRA. Create JIRA with tag Fedora.
  • Mobile support required for L10N of Japanese.
Then we started with our hackathon. We had so many important topics and were just thinking from where to start. Jens and Tagoh'san had created nice spreadsheet for schedule earlier but same time we were not much interested to force participants and be flexible with schedule. We split up into 5 groups and started hackathon.

Around 3 hours worked on various topics. I think lets each group write some blog post on things they hacked later.

At 5pm we had hangout with Khmer language sprint team. It was great one big group doing hangout with other group working on G11N stuff :)
gnokii, botreynisa and kuylim did good work on improving Khmer language localization. Happy to see they are working with objective to make Fedora 24 100% translated in Khmer language. So big +1 for it !!

Later we had brief summary from each members regarding how day went and what they hacked on during day.

Overall good first day. Tomorrow except Hangout with FPL we are going to hackathon whole day, so expecting even more productive day. Almost 00:37 here at Japan now, ohh FAD day 2 started already ;)

Stay tuned !!

 G11N FAD 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to enable Khmer language input method with ibus-typing-booster in Fedora 22/23

Tomorrow we have translation sprint for Khmer language. Thought good to
 write this blog, may be help to try ibus-typing-booster during sprint.

Step zero: Install hunspell-km and ibus-typing-booster
$dnf install hunspell-km ibus-typing-booster -y

Step one:
Click on Setting

Step two: Click on Keyboard
Step three: Click on Input sources
Step four: Click on "+"
Step five: Search for Khmer and then click on Central khmer
Step eight: Select hunspell

Setp nine: Open any application - gedit and selct from panel Central-khmer
Hope this help. I did not saw typing booster ime in khmer langugae though but may be we dont have m17n map that is reason.

Need to explore more. Wrote this blog in very short time, may be will improve more later.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Five days to go for first ever Globalization Fedora activity day

Tokyo streets at night

I am sure most of you must be aware regarding G11N FAD happening from 1st to 3rd Nov in Tokyo Japan.

This blog is specifically to highlight present status of FAD.
  •  All attendees travel and accommodation stuff done. This was most challenging part since Tokyo is very costly and managing everything in budget was difficult. Thanks to all attendees to agree for partial subsidy.
  • Tickets filed for subsidy requests.
  • VISA's done.
  • Venue room bookings done.
  • Schedule is almost done. Earlier we were planning to cover all topics in session type manner. Jens suggested covering it through hackathon will be more productive. Everyone agreed and now we have almost 50-60% time specifically for hackathon. 
  • Lunch arrangement almost done.
  • Social Event - Dinner place not decided yet.
  • Fedora 23 release party. Had couple of issues for this but looks ok. 1st is Fedora 23 schedule slip by one week. Still we are lucky planning this exactly on 3rd Nov. :) 2nd Waiting for confirmation from Japanese Ambassador David (Dramsey). Earlier got positive response from him so expecting he will be there.
We are going to work on some cool stuff
  • Glibc locales sub-packaing
  • Automated testing for i18n and l10n.
  • Localizing Fedora magazine articles.
  • Review on recent Fedora Zanata users survey. 
  • ...and much more 
I am sure we will able to complete some of these.

What should other do?
 If you have any queries or nice idea on G11N side, feel free to send email to g11n AT lists DOT fedoraproject DOT org

Remote attendees: If everything goes well, one can simply dial in and listen all the presentation. Though remote participating in hackathon will be difficult but will try to communicate through irc. We already have couple of Remote participants.

For more information stay tuned on #fedora-g11n and g11n AT lists DOT fedoraproject DOT org

Cheers !!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Fedora 23 Internationalization test day today !!

We have planned Fedora 23 i18n test day today. Most of the details are available on test day page regarding how to execute test day.

From the changes side we have 3 changes this time
Basic motivation behind this test day is to make sure all essentials components for languages working fine.
  • Enconding's 
  • Fonts
    • Default selected fonts are appropriate for languages.
  • IME's
    • IBus
    • Default input methods
  • Rendering & Printing
    • For complex scripts Left-to-Right etc.
  • Locales
    • Locale available with default installation
    • Its processing
  • I18n Tools
    • fonts tweak tools
    • dnf langpacks
    • IM settings
    • spell checkers 
 Above are just few top of the mind things for languages. Requesting all Fedora users and developers participate in test day and make sure your language components work fine in Fedora 23.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fedora 22 release event at Aurangabad, India

    This is my 7th event specific on Fedora after becoming an Ambassador. Ashutosh is already doing good for promoting Fedora in Aurangabad. He earlier did Fedora 21 release party at his institute and took number of topics around Fedora.

    During FUDCon APAC we were talking about doing Fedora 22 release event at Aurangabad. Plan was to do it bit bigger with one of the major institute in Aurangabad. Thought will take some break after FUDCon and decided to do it in August. Ashutosh had initial discussions with "CHH. SHAHU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING".  Most of the details regarding Release events are available at Wiki page.

    I have been never to Aurangabad and wanted to be there but was not sure whther i can actually make it. Most of the time during discussions with Ashutosh i was like plan as per your convenience and if possible i will jump in the last moment. Decided date as a 21st August and luckily me too able to make it :)

    I think event we did happened in good time. Red Hat GLS team recently signed MOU with CSMSS for "Red Hat ACADEMY - Hands-on curriculum for academic programs". There is already excitement on Free of open source software's. We were even more lucky that Business Development Manager - Ipsita Chatterjee was there. She shown interest for supporting Fedora activities and ask to inform her whenever any support required.

Yummy Cake of Fedora 22 release

    Coming back to event, Fedora release event i have attended till date used to be small scale i.e. around 20-50. This was an exception and bit bigger in scale. Around 250+ students were there. All the things happened very formally. Introductory talks from Principle and HOD of CSMSS. Then felicitation of guests.  Before starting actual program we did release of DVD's and cut the cake.

From left: Ms. Ipsita C, Principle Dr. U. B. Shinde, Me, Mr. Ashutosh B, Pushpendra C. Hod. Dr. S. P. Abhang

    Normally i like to talk on Fedora + Globalization. But since this was first event at this college. Talking on Basics of FOSS and Fedora was important. Started with basics of foss and introduction to Fedora.

Few nice moments

    Then Ashutosh started with demonstrating installation of Fedora 22. Initially we started with netinstall iso but somehow it was not working well. Then we changed iso. in meanwhile we started asking questions to students and Red Hat GLS gave few goodies to students who gave correct answers.

    I think demonstrating installation of Fedora is very important, specifically at places new to Fedora. It gives bit more confidence and also motivate person to try Fedora. After major steps of installation, while packages were getting installed Pushpendra started his talk.

    Pushpendra Chavan travelled from Pune to Aurangabad specially for release event. He delivered talk on "Features of Fedora Workstation". During his talk he also motivated students by telling his own story about how he came to field of FOSS.

    Lastly i did closing of release event by talking on How to contribute to Fedora and how it can help to students. This talk was well taken by students. It provided ideas to students regarding what they can do in Fedora. I also mentioned about recent proposal to council regarding providing certificate to students doing contribution to Fedora.

    Unfortunately by this time it was already 1:45pm and everyone was hungry. We missed Q&A session. But still we were there for some time and answering to queries of students.

    In the morning we mate with HOD Dr. Abhang and really impressed with his interest in moving Fedora ahead. We had quick meeting with principle where we had nice discussions on Fedora and open standards. CSMSS college is just in there third year but if one see progress its excellent. Management is very supportive and very much interested in Linux. They believe in Free and open source. Libreoffice is already is use by all CSMSS staff and they have already moved couple of LABS into Fedora. Infrastructure is awesome. Most of the latest technologies already in CSMSS including digital board. (At least i saw it first time). I mentioned to management about Fedora certificate to students for completing activities.

    Special thanks to Ashutosh for taking initiative for this event, CSMSS Principle Dr. Shinde and HOD Dr. Abhang for hospitality and arrangement and Pushpendra for travelling Aurangabad for this event.

   Going forward we need to conduct couple of session to educate CSMSS students further on Fedora. Soon i will discuss with other Ambassadors, Developers and plan one.

Group photo with Fedora 22 DVD's

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fedora Localization test tomorrow (18th Aug 2015)

I always wonder how fast Fedora keeps on moving. I am going to Aurangabad, India for Fedora 22 release event coming Friday and at other end Fedora Alpha 23 released last week and we are going to execute Fedora 23 L10n test day tomorrow.

Coming back to topic on Fedora Localization test day. In last couple of months we formed Fedora G11N group and started to work in improving things.

Number of improvements has been happened for F23 L10n test day. Those are as follows.
  1. Re-evaluated application list for testing. (Still i feel we can improve it further by discussing on devel list)
  2. Test cases has been cleaned and improved for F23 releases. 
  3. Test day app is finally in use :)
Saying that now its time to test Fedora 23 readiness for your language.

As usual start testing process with L10n test day page This page has all the details you will be required. If any problem feel free to ping peoples on #fedora-test-day.

I know people are still returning from flock-2015, so might not get time to execute L10N test day. Though we mark particular day for testing, you can still execute test steps in your free time. For L10n test day we might wait for single or couple of weeks for evaluating testing results. Good if you can complete before it :)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

FUDCon APAC 2015 - my experience as an organizing team member

    I was part of FUDCon APAC 2011 but it was just as a speaker and attendee. After attending flock 2014 and talking with Tuan found that things are not very good from Ambassador perspective, not many people are active in India. Decided to become an ambassador and help to make it better. During same time more Fedora India members stepped up as an Ambassador in India and it created good active group of Ambassador in India :)

    We started with couple of meeting before placing the Bid. Later won the bid for FUDCon and then the process started.

    I volunteered myself for coordinating marketing and outreach activity. [1][2] Its 6 month long activity. We had so many meetings. Few planned, few unplanned. Tried everything that was possible from my side to make it successful. Even we had BoF at FOSSASIA 2015 as well to discuss on FUDCon stuff.

    Learning's for me
    1. Worked with lots of peoples. Its really great to see how people come ahead with passion for doing something for Fedora.
    2. Learned smaller things to make event successful from marketing perspective.
    3. Content and designing is very important to make event successful. We got good help for it. Need to involve people as early as possible for review stuff.
    4. Timing is key. !!
    5. Best thing in FOSS world is opportunities never wait for anyone. If one is unavailable someone else naturally takes lead.

    Positive points from FUDCon APAC 2015
    1. Major event of Fedora happened in India after 2011. Not any estimates yet on how many people attended the event but word has reached almost everywhere through social media, emails.
    2. Attendees understood we have good Fedora developer community in India.
    3. We covered lots of trending technologies in event.
    4. Education panel was helpful. Education dept's knows about FOSS stuff but there is no connection between FOSS community and Education department. Red Hat through Fedora community can definitely help here to build this connect.
    5. Most of the active contributors from Fedora were present and we had good meeting like one Ambassador BoF.
    6. Its good that attendees and even organizers felt that we missed "xyz" things. It actually give more motivation to make it further better next time. :)

    Going forward
    1. Momentum is already there, now need to use it for more activities.
    2. Now onward need to grow Fedora community through smaller events, mostly dedicated and targeted for specific audience.
    3. Would like to see more "do" people rather than "talk" people. 

    It was good to meet many friends from different places. Ashutosh and team from Aurangabad, CDAC guys from Mumbai (Kharghar, Andheri). Surprised to see Sneha at FUDCon. :) Few students from Nashik.  Sumit Bhardwaj who took off from Office to attend FUDCon. :)  And i know there are many who just came to learn more about Fedora, so cheers for all. 

    Thanks again to all helped to make FUDCon APAC 2015 a successful event and specifically "FUDCon APAC 2015 team" [3]

Few Photographs

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Minutes of first Globalization meeting of Fedora

Today we had first ever Fedora Globalization (g11n) meeting.  Members from 4 groups Internationalization, Localization, Fedora language testing group and Zanata participated. To get background regarding this meeting see g11n proposal.

Due to less time we decided to discuss FLTG and UTRRS topics in next meeting. We are going to have our next meeting on 17th June 2015 same time @ 04:30 UTC.


Zanata feedback survey

We are using Zanata as a official translation platform in Fedora. We need to do survey to take feedback from both translators and package maintainers. It will help us to understand need and missing feature from these different user groups. We agreed to do survey around end of august 2015. 
By the next meeting we will have further updates on how we are planning to do it.
ACTION: mkim and apeter followup with lukebrooker. 

L10N sprints based on F23

We discussed number of things under this topic. i.e. Minimum percentage of translations to declare particular language is supported or not. Discussed on language coordinator status.
ACTION: apeter to draft sprint proposal and send on mailing list for discussion.

Translation deadline around Beta

This was most debated topic. There is definitely need to look into this issue. Since after string freeze number of packages get updated. Its good to have some realistic and working deadline for Translation freeze.  We got lots of suggestions. 
ACTION: noriko to prepare draft for extending Translation deadline and send to mailing list.

G11N Infrastructure (IRC, Wiki and Ticket etc.)

We agreed to create g11n mailing list. May be we can simply add other list into g11n mailing list. Traffic on g11n mailing list will be not that high though. Also soon we will have #fedora-g11n channel.  
ACTION: pravins to create g11n mailing list.

G11N FAD - proposal

Quickly we discussed idea about Globalization FAD. Requested everyone interested in attending FAD to add there name. We need to further work on budget before pushing this to Fedora council.

Next meeting

With the lots of good discussions we dropped our earlier plan of meeting once in each month. Decided to meet in 2 weeks.
Click to get full meeting log and minutes

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FUDCon APAC 2015 - 19th May planning meeting minutes

We had 14 members in the meeting. Following are key points:
  • Started with scheduling. Most of the scheduling work done on paper. By this 22nd May we will get first draft of schedule.
  • Travel side: Remaining tickets will be mostly get booked on Wed. 20th May. Work on invitation letter is going on.
  • Outreach:
    • We voted on two drafts and decided to choose Dark background poster. Standee need further work. We decided to use more generic FUDCon standee.
    • Social media post going well. Need to keep this up. If you have any tweets in mind feel free to edit wiki.
    • Soon contacting speakers and ask them put missing details in fudcon.in portal. Also asking to speakers for bogging about there topics,we can use those to spread news about FUDCon.
    • Ticket for T-shirt design.
    • June 1st and 2nd week we will plan F22 release party in few colleges and use this opportunity to promote FUDCon. This points also reminder regarding F22 DVD's.
    • Video series: Few clips are ready now, work is going on to compile it and make short video.
  • Website:
    • Redesign done. Its now in production. For more info read post.
    • We need some volunteer to add topics for "News & Updates" section.
  • SWAG
    • We reviewed few swag. Will finalize mostly in next meeting.  Most of the quotes and ideas are available in http://piratepad.net/FUDConPunePlanning
  • Video recording of talks. Trying for self recording with http://bigbluebutton.org/
For more details visit piratepad page

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Minutes of FUDCon APAC 2015 planning meeting

We had our weekly planning meeting today. Comparing to earlier Fudcon planning meeting with today's, we have done lots of progress. Most of the things are already in good shape including Travel, Accommodation, FUDPub, Website and Scheduling etc.

Updates are as follows:

    All sponsorship request tickets  are resolved now. Prasad (PJP) yesterday commented decisions on all the tickets. We have clear picture now how many are joining us At Pune for FUDCon :)
   Same time hoping others to whom we not able to sponsor will also join us.  Mostly we will have one more meeting for traveling coming Friday and that will be last one.

Accommodation     We still have 12 more slots remaining for stay. We are planning to talk with colleges to allot/provide few rooms in hostel for students traveling from other places. Will get update on that soon.

    Storage, Containers and  OpenStack track leaders are ready with schedule. It will be nice if track leaders can blog regarding highlights of there tracks, what to expect. We can use those stuff later for marketing FUDCon.
    Niranjan, PJP and Parag are working on scheduling main tracks. Will have some more update by this Friday.

     Going good. Planning to send invitation email by this Friday. Regarding Colleges, most of the colleges are closed and going to open on 1st or 2nd week of June. Thinking for good time to start talking with them.
    Discussed on draft of Flyers and Standee created by Yogi. Suggested to change background from Blue to White. Also there was discussion on T-shirt design, will create ticket for same soon.
    Regarding Videos series, Shrink thinking to do some hangout session and use recording as a video.
    Fedora 22 is getting released in 26th May, this is good time to increase awareness regarding Fedora and FUDCon through F22 release parties. Planning to do some during 1st or 2nd week, same time there was suggestion to do install fest rather than simple talks and cake cutting.
    Social media posts are not going very well, so requested all members start tweeting/sharing about FUDCon. We do have plan for scheduled tweets/FB Posts, those will be mostly related to speakers, there bio and sessions information.

    Devel instance available for testing [3] Do go through it and if find any issue report on fudcon-planning list or #fedora-india. Soon planning to deploy it.

    Discussed on quote for some swags.

    For more details regarding FUDCon planning visit piratepad page.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

FUDCon APAC 2015 Thanks to community for huge response for CFP

    I was interested in writing this blog post couple of weeks back but was away for Fossasia 2015 and them some family events. I know its never late to say thanks you :)

    We started accepting CFP on 9th Feb 2015 and decided deadline for submitting papers 9th March. Earlier i was bit doubtful regarding how many submission we might get. Specifically when we don't have great numbers of Fedora users around.  At one moment even thought "Might  be, we will need to extend CFP by a week". Started marketing activities for CFP.

    Started by sending an email on Fedora mailing lists including India, Ambassadors, Devel, Announce and everywhere possible and requested to forward further to relevant mailing lists.

    Prepared FudCon-outreach-list  and listed down all the FOSS related organizations and communities, interested in Fedora and decided to sent them email. Do go through this list, it is great resource for one planning conference around FOSS.

    Its time consuming task to send email to all the communities, so decided whoever has contacts or communicated earlier with any list, just start sending CFP email. Went very well.

    During discussion we also thought its good to contact IT companies interested in FOSS. Talked with friends working with them and requested to forward CFP to there organizations.

    We were looking for flyer for CFP from the day 1 CFP open but it was pending on logo for FUDCon APAC 2015. During the time we got logo and just in time i.e. last week we got our awesome flyer for CFP ready !! Though it was in last week but it helped to spread the message. Got almost 50% submissions in last week.

Specifically wanted to thanks following supporters:
  1. Helped in prepared CFP related contents and Flyers.
  2. Helped in filling up missing bits in outreach and also helped in completing task. 
  3. Forwarded FUDCon CFP related email to respective organizations.
  4. Sharing FUDCon CFP related post through social media.  Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  5. Bloggers and FedoraMagazine writers AND
  6. Last but not the list the one who actually submitted sessions :)

    I know most of you already know, still let me write it again. We got total 140 paper submissions. This is nice number specifically when we are having available slots only around 40-50 and was expecting around 60-70 talks.

    Many many congratulations to FUDCon APAC pune 2015 outreach and marketing group for achieving first target.

    Now lets gear up again for our next target to marketing actual event. We will have speakers list and schedule ready most probably by next week. We will have some meeting to prepare plan for event marketing. Excited to work with you all again for our next milestone. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My activities at FOSSASIA 2015

This blog in continuation to my earlier blog on "FOSSASIA 2015 Highlights noticed by me"

Group Photo

Talk on Glibc Unicode 7 update:

        Glibc is an important component of operating systems. Recently we upgraded Glibc Unicode support from 5.1 to 7.0. This was major update after 4-5 years. It usually remains unnoticed, i wanted to highlight. Even though i work for redhat still it took around 7-8 month to get patch finally in glibc upstream. Around 25-30 audience was there in talk and it was well taken. Slides for my talks are available at slideshare.


        We kept Fedora DVD's and stickers At Red Hat booth. Was at booth 2-3pm first day and distributed dvd's to attendees. Also got a chance to meet Harish, Izhar, Prima Yogi, Aditya patawari, and Kushal. I proposed Fedora badge for people attending fossasia and asked participant to add name in piratepad.  Unfortunately it got rejected due to not planned in advance :(

        Fedora Breakout session. This was planned by Praveen Kumar, we gathered there, not many attendees were there but we got a chance to interact with "Hamara Linux" representative Aarti Dwivedi and Samyak Datta, LifeNectar explained them regarding Fedora, Fedora.Next and also on widely used Fedora remixes.

FUDCon APAC 2015:

        Being one of the member of organizing committee thought its good time to discuss on FUDCon APAC 2015 with people mostly participate remotely. We planned BoF, decided to do it in lunch time since most of the time people were busy doing other stuff. Updated group on number of papers received, planning happened till date, BarCamp style track, lightening talks.

Represented Red Hat Globalization team:

        Working in this domain almost 8+years and worked on almost all complex scripts including Indic, Arabic.  APAC is more characterized by non-english speaking countries and fossasia was the perfect place to interact with users for globalization needs. Interacted with couple of people for what languages they used on Fedora.

I attended almost all talks in OpenTech track and provided feedback to speakers. Had a good time interacting with most of the attendees over the lunch, socializing events. We had a nice hangout of brewerkz with Anish, Kushal, Praveen Kumar, Lennart Poettering and RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont. 

Thank you fossasia organizers Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling, Harish Pillay, Roland Turner, Justin Lee and Darwin Gosal looking forward to attend next year as well. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lohit Devanagari 2.95.1 release

Done with 2.95.1 release. This release in continuation with 2.95.0 release, basically to resolves issues raised in it ;)

Noticed issue while Fedora 22 testing from Bhushan. While analyzing it found it is due to autohinting in Lohit fontconfig file.

We are now using ttfautohint while building ttf file and on this hinted font again using autohint. This does not working very nice as reported in bugzilla.

From bug #1203996
There was couple of more issues i noticed on Fedora 22. These all are fixed now. Soon building 2.95.1 version for Fedora 22. Will be available in Fedora 22 Beta release.

Announced in lohit-devel list

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FOSSASIA 2015 Highlights noticed by me

This blog i am writing specifically to point out some good points i noticed during the fossasia 2015 conference. Feel free to add missing in comments section :)

  1. Awesome location Singapore !! I am sure no one will object :)
  2. On the first day Tweets were displayed in the hall. Fossasia is not one who started it. But this was the my first conference where i saw it. It is good thing where audience can share what going in there mind w.r.t. ongoing talk  with other audience. It was also motivating audience to tweets, so good trick to make audience active ;)
  3. It was good first day with no parallel talks. I liked the approach, starting parallel tracks from day first sometime start splitting audience. Talks on first day were more generic. People also got a chance to know, how many people around and started planning hacking activity for coming days.
  4. Talk from Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Singapore was well taken by audience. Very few such ministers around who understand technology so well.  
  5. All food vessels at the lunch counter got empty in some time. It proves how tasty the food was. :)
  6. Second day started with 5 parallel tracks. OpenTech, Web Technologies, Python, Mozilla and DevOps. I attended almost all talks in OpenTech Track. Even though there was 5 tracks each track got sufficient audience. 
  7. Before lunch we took group photo. It was fun, whenever we were thinking all are in now, one new batch of people were joining and then again trying to accommodate all frame. Thanks to Michael Cannon for photo.
  8. One of the good points was almost all domains people were present. Even we had some talks related to Open Source in Healthcare AutistConnect, LifeNectar and OpenMRS.
  9. Lightening talks generally does not get scheduled but in fossasia those were scheduled. I will say it as a good move. First it gave speakers recognition and also might have given them chance to get funding for conference. Second since it was scheduled it happened in well planned manner. Some audience missed few talks due to minor schedule change in lightening talks. Still i will say lightening talks made good impact. Specifically it worked like person introduced his topic and requested audience to join breakout session for further discussions.
  10. Plenty of rooms were available for breakout sessions.
  11. Each day was followed by some social event. Going to remember social event at Labrador park seaside Singapore BBQ definitely for some more time. Did not attended other days social event since some other plans.
  12. I think due to huge success of fossasia2015 organizers decided to choose same location for next year fossasia as well.
  13. Number of booths were available, Dron demonstration was also interesting. Mozilla, MySql, 3D printer, Red Hat.
I had almost dropped my plan to attend conference, thanks to Harish. He gave opportunity to attend conference the conference. I am going to write one more blog on my activities at fossasia, it will be bit bigger than this, Stay tuned :)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Tomorrow (9th March) is last day to submit papers (talk, workshop and hackfests) for FUDCon APAC 2015

    Just thought good to write this small blog as a reminder for deadline for CFP submission [1]. We opened up CFP on 9th Feb, its almost one month before closing CFP tomorrow.
    As of now we have got an excellent response from community from paper submission perspective. Still one day to go. From my personnel experience i know lots of submissions happen on last day :)  Expecting few more on last day. Just make sure to think select appropriate category for your sessions. If not sure, go ahead and submit abstract, during screening will try to suggest suitable category.

    We had around 4 weekly meeting during CFP open time and lots of things happened. Some points includes
    1. Logo finalization.
    2. CFP for flyers.
    3. Fedora 21 release party at Venue. [2]
    4. Code of Conduct for conference. [3]
    5. Lots of decision from conference arrangement perspective. Including Food, FedPub and Speakers accommodation.
    6. fudcon.in site improvements.
    7. Reached lots of organization with CFP details.
    These are only few which i remembered, for more details go through piratepad


1. http://fudcon.in/call-paper
2. http://pravin-s.blogspot.in/2015/02/points-on-fedora-21-release-party-at.html
3. http://fudcon.in/code-of-conduct

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Points on Fedora 21 release party AT MIT COE pune on 21st Feb 2015

Celebrating Fedora 21 on 21st Feb 2015, last one we did on 21st Dec 2014 :)

Fedora 21 is in itself special release due to Fedora.Next initiative, after merging Fedora core with extra this one is major step moving into future. Fedora 21 is also one special release for India, i do not remember if we had any release party for Fedora 20 in India, please correct if i missed anyone. But for Fedora 21 it is going on and on !!

This was the 3rd release party of Fedora 21 in which i took part. Thanks to Praveen Kumar for initiating this release party. Unfortunately he was away for some personnel work but Rupali came up to help with the organization.

Planned agenda for this meet in quick time with team. We were expecting major chunk of audience from MIT COE itself. Later took permission from MIT COE and decided to open up this for community and started spreading message around.

Shatadru designed nice FLYERS for this release party from the artwork available from Fedora artwork team.

MIT COE is bit far for most of the people staying around Magarpatta city, still we managed to be there in time. Mine talk was first at 10:30 reached there at sharp 10:25 :)

There was one more reason behind this release party was to do preparation for FUDCon happening in 26-28 Jun 2015. See the facility talk with professors, discuss with students educate them on Fedora and clear the doubts.

Me impressed lot with MIT COE campus and it is really live campus. On F21 release party there was already couple of events were going on, students were really busy managing and participating into it. We saw there one stall specifically for Linux quiz.

Due to these other event initially we got very few audience for release party. So we started bit late around 11pm. Later few more students joined. Overall i am happy with the audience since they were few but all were truly interested in event.

There was 3 talks were planned Mine (introduction), Anish (Workstation) and Parag (How to contribute to Fedora) and Later panel discussions.  

During my talk i asked everyone to introduce themselves and inform what they are expecting. There were interesting topics those came up.
  1. Difference between Fedora and Ubuntu?
  2. Why should i go for Fedora?
  3. What is FUDCon?
  4. How can we participate in FUDCon
  5. What about Embedded systems and Fedora?
Since we were planning for Panel discussion, we thought that will be good time to answer most of the questions.

I did my talk well in time, slides of talk available At slideshare [1]

Then Anish explained about Workstation product feature and target audience for it. Anish also helped audience for better understanding of Free Software and opensource software philosophy. It was good since in F21 release party At Mumbai we found that few people were not clear behind Free software philosophy.

Then Parag talked on How to contribute into Fedora, he explained lots of area's where one can get involved.
 At the end of Parag's talk we made transition from Talk to Panel with Amit and Siddhesh took the lead and later everyone contributed including me, Niranjan, Parag, Rupali and Anish. Panel discussion was awesome and Amit and Siddhesh kept on talking for long and discussed on number of topics. Then we understood that we can keep on talking on Fedora for whole day without break ;) 
 Decided to conclude in panel discussion and start actual celebration with cake cutting. Cake arrived on time with Samosa snacks and TEA :)

We decided to do few more events like Workshop in MIT before the FUDCon 2015. Had meeting with MIT COE principle for FUDCon planning which only some of us attended.

Thought its already big blog,i might have missed few things and few names, so feel free to add them in comments :)    

1. http://www.slideshare.net/pravinds/introduction-to-fedora-project-and-fedoranext
2. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F21_Pune