Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Globalization FAD 2nd day report

    Took more time to write this than expected, thanks for back to back new activities for this. :)

    As per predictions it was raining on this day. Temperature dropped little bit more. Thank to Jens for already mentioning this, most of the people were with umbrella's and for few hotel provided them.

    Second day started with FPL's hangout. Meeting room speakers were not doing good join, so we decided just to project hangout on screen and dial in individually for listening and speaking.

FPL Matthew on Hangout addressing FAD group !!

    Hangout went very well with Matthew explaining, high priority items like Fedora Atomic and its importance with the rise of competition. Most of the developers are still working on core development and not that much concerned on G11N part yet. Suggested for us to look into it. Me briefly mentioned on activities we are doing and who are present. Session ended with Q&A with couple of questions like i.e. how can APAC people get funding for flock :) and Can Zanata team get more support from Fedora Infra team. Nice and Quick hangout helped to set up of remaining hackathon day. Its always bit run for everyone of us to manage with different timezones, we succeeded this time as well, thanks to Matthew for this :)

    First day discussion we felt Governance for G11N is missing and thought lets talk on it and sort out most of the things. Ok, background to this. There was Fedora localization steering committee once upon a time and they were resolving most of the issues related with L10N. But somehow its stopped.

Planned structure for G11N Governance group
 In present scenario there are around 81 language communities. Managing them and planning for this huge effort need some committee. We prepared our first draft and decided to present this to council. Jens mentioned one major point, whether it should be Steering committee or Working group. Decided to follow up on this next day.


Ueno'san, Peng Wu and Mike during hackathon

 Same time other parallel things were happening including Language Spins, Automated testing, IBus improvements and Glibc sub-packaging.

Bento Box

      Second day lunch was Bento box and hats of to Japanese for sense of colour combination and variety of food. Lunch was simply awesome.

      We have to vacant big meeting room due to Quarterly call. So we moved to breakout room

Noriko, Alex, Carlso and Ani during hackatohn in breakout room

Parag, Anish, Peng Wu and Ueno'san

Mike and Jens in Breakout room

     For Red Hat Forum 2015 Jim Whitehurst was in Tokyo and had meeting during same time in office. After his meeting he gave some time for signing copies of "The Open Organization" for RH employees :)

Most of the Red Hat FAD members used the opportunity and signed there copy. After couple of members signed book from Jim, Jim started noticing us saying, "So you are Fedora guy ;)

It was good to make some impact about Fedora activities. We took group photo with Jim :)

Please Consider Alex in this image - On Camera
    Changing meeting room and then again meet with Jim little bit distracted FAD schedule but i think its great to meet CEO. !!

    Around 4pm we again gathered and started working hard on hackathon topics. Continued few discussions plus Zanata survey result summary discussions. We were thinking to have Hackathon summary for the day session but we dropped planned since everyone was involved in hacking some stuff and not wanted to disturb them.

Alex, Ani and Carlos - Zanata survey analysis

    Second day was FAD social event day. It was dinner @ Indian Restaurant in Japan. Was bit frustrating for Indian attendees to eat Indian food in Japan. But Fujiwara'san convinced it is not that authentic Indian.

    It was excellent place, we grouped together, laughed, shouted, had food. Took so many photographs. ;)  Food style was Indian but flavours were Japanese. Unique combination ;)

  Overall great day with nice events !!

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