Tuesday, April 29, 2008

difference between malayalam fonts lohit and meera

here just mentioning things i notices in between these two fonts
1) both are mono thick fonts shapes are almost same
you can see the image(fontforge metrics window) below for checking shape difference, its almost null

meera fonts shapes looks bit thicker than lohit

2) this difference i noticed while comparing two fonts in open office

meera really needs some work on this, since if we set this font in GUI application at 8-9 size it is unreadable. Even if we check its point size with other Latin fonts it is very smaller almost half than other fonts.

3) the major difference is meera support traditional script whereas lohit is following new script, so you need to choose right font according to your script need.

yeah, there are possibility of some rendering differences, bugs as they are depends upon GSUB rules of fonts and underlying rendering engine, it is not in the scope of this blog.