Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adding language support in Fedora

Lets say we want to add xy_XY language support in Fedora

Following is to do list for adding language support in Fedora from i18n point of view

1) Open Type, Unicode Based Font for xy_XY

2) Rendering Engine support for Unicode code points of xy_XY (pango, qt)

3) Some Basic IME's for xy_XY(m17n-db)

4) Locale File for xy_XY in glibc

5) Updating comps file for xy_XY

6) Adding xy_XY in GDM list

7) Updating s-c-l locale-list file for xy_XY

might be something missing but these are the major things

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Ray Strode said...

You don't actually have to do anything special to get it added to GDM in F9 and later (it just shows up)

You do need to make sure it's in fontconfig though., which requires a recompile.