Tuesday, January 13, 2009

now easily install ttf/otf fonts in fedora 10 using kfontview (kfontinst)

today i was trying to read news from http://onlinenews.lokmat.com, but it is using custom encoding font so i downloaded it..

I was planning to install it using regular mkfontdir, fc-cache command but was feeling bit lazy to do that..
just thinking can i just install it using just one click and yes now we can do that.

kfontview is now have that feature.

Just right click on any .ttf font file and open with kfontview

It will show you characters in fonts and also there is install buttton (It will be disables in font already installed ) just click on that, now restart your application in which you want to see same font and its d one

I am still remembering those days when windows user were calling me only for installing font for testing it in there Linux machine, It is very good for them now they can easily install and test font without any help :)

I think gnome-font-viewer is now disabled.


Anonymous said...

There are plans to revive/improve the fonts management features on the GNOME side of things: http://blogs.gnome.org/tthurman/2008/12/30/nautilus-and-fonts/#comments

Santhosh Thottingal said...

Pravin, For installing a font, no need for commands.. Open koqueror or nautilus, in address field type fonts:/// and paste your fonts there. done.
Or goto ~/.fonts folder and paste your fonts done.

Pravin Satpute said...

right santhosh,
even there was a option in F6 and above version of fedora, we can go to font folder from Menu
System - Preferences - Look and Feel - Fonts (now Appearances has font tab)

from there we can go to font folder and paste Fonts there directly

but its nice for layman users he can directly click on ttf font and install, he no need to go to any folder etc :)

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with Santhosh.. copying files to .fonts folder will install the fonts for that user but its still difficult for a novice user to install it system wide.