Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still gcalctool not allowing indic numerals

presently gcalctool not supporting indic numerals, but i think it will nice if we enable it for indic digit also, so if someone entered indic numerals for calculating it should do a calculations and display a result in indic numerals.
I googled for this but didn't found any topic related this.
now i dont know complexity involve in doing this, but as far as i think it will just require conversion from Indic numerals to Latin numerals and vice versa. When somebody enters any expression and if it contains indic numerals it will convert it to latin, then processing as usual and then while display result it will do same thing back.

1) understading gcalctool code
2) utf-8 to unicode conversion
3) validation for indic numerals
4) converting to latin before processing
5) converting result back to indic after processing
6) unciode to utf-8

thats it

hope so there is no any standard not allowing doing this thing :), i will talk with upstream for this lets see


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't GNOME Terminal render Devanāgarī correctly ? I am not able to use it in vim and gvim.

Check out the rendering in gvim:

If you know any fix, please tell me.

Thanks in Advance.

Anonymous said...

If you can patch it please submit it at:

Anonymous said...

Still there are many issues with indic computing.

Pravin Satpute said...

still support of complex text in terminal is pain, it deserve starting a new project may be with name, terminal with complex script support.

Yeah, Indic Computing in Linux still have some problem, due to diversity among different rendering engines icu, pango, qt but hopefully soon it will get resolve with harfbuzz-ng development and we can improve it to perfection