Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recent fixes to hi.remignton mim file

This is just update regarding the Typewriter Remington keyboard for Devanagari,
2-3 months back there was request on OT list regarding problems they are facing while using Remington keyboard, and they were shifting to windows just due to this.

"Please tell me how to type "आप" using regington keyboard
Also, in window, I use to type  "shift h  + k + w +  [ + k  " for writing Bhookh भूख
But in Linux Fedora + IBUS + Remington, I HAVE to type
"shift h  + backspace + w +  [ + backspace "
This is giving us a lot of un-comfort and our whole organization is migrating on windows again just because of this problem."

when me and parag tested same got to know that this was happening since Remington keyboard mim file was written in one-to-one key mapping and there was no intelligence for handling these things. And one need to learn new things while migrating from typewriter to Computer typing.

Parag worked on it, and presently it is in good shape, and same is now available in upstream :)
just file a bug against fedora, so now it will be now available default to user from Fedora 13

I think it will be good if people listen from such mailing list and report bugs to appropriate package, so person related with it can work and fix it quickly.

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