Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Released Liberation Fonts!!

Just done 1.06.0 release of Liberation Fonts.

Highlights are:
1) New family added to Liberation-Narrow Fonts (Thanks to Herbert Duerr for contributions)

2) Some changes from releasing side

Now releasing source tar ball as well, so if someone want to build from source can use this tar ball.

If someone want to direct use ttf file, he can download Binary(ttf) tarball, and use it directly.

Added TODO list as well for next release :)

1) resolving bug related with hinting
2) shape improvement
3) Ascent Descent Values Improvement
    - using absolute values instead of relative values in OS/2 table
4) RFE: Add Greek Polytonic support to Liberation fonts
    - need some volunteer to add these shapes

 really reproducing these hinting bugs is big task for me

Will build it for fedora tomorrow


mairin said...

What wonderful news! Thank you so much Pravin!

Pravin Satpute said...

build it for Fedora 13 and Devel