Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fedora 14 boot from USB/Pen drive is great one to move windows user to Fedora for at least 10 to 20 minutes minimum

    USB Pen Drives are cheaper now days 1/2 GB cost something around 200/300 rupees, and every computer users now at least have one with them. So this feature has a good number of potential users.

     In past i have met many windows users, they like Fedora lot and even want to try it. But the main problem they are facing is how they can do it on there existing windows system. And options were dual bit (risk of data loss and need to install on existing harddisk), Virtualization ( but it does not give food speed) so both has some problem. Even if i wanna do this for them is very time consuming and that why even though i am interested not got a much time to do this for them.

    But now its excellent time i can just burn live ISO to there pen-drive and then they can use and even demonstrate excellent Fedora to other. The best thing even after burning ISO to pendrive we can still use it as a storage for other required file, it will not affect its booting stuff.

    Here i would like to suggest fedora users, always keep Fedora-Live iso on your machine, and whenever any windows user get interested in Fedora do give him his own Fedora OS with him he can play.

    One improvement is possible here to make one fedora live iso with openoffice (libreoffice) as well, yes agree it has limitation since one cant burn it on CD due to size limitation, but it has scope for use on PenDrive since size now days 1GB and more so one can easily use that. I am making this point since if we wanna stick new user some more time in Fedora live OS then he need officesuite as well for playing.


Danishka Navin said...

try Hanthana Linux

rax said...

hi,it is very informative. thanx.usb boot drive

Vilas said...

Basically I am Mandriva Linux user. Recently I started using Fedora 13 & upgraded to Fedora 14. I used Fedora Live USB Creater. But Still I am unable to boot from USB even after changes in Bios