Monday, December 13, 2010

Looks like lohit is first open source indic font to support locale feature

I was just checking is there any other open source indic fonts, supporting locl opentype feature, but i did not found any other.

In Lohit now we have locl feature, so we have added locale specific shapes for Nepali Language.

One can test this by Typing "क्र" in gedit or in firefox, open this file with firefox ro gedit in ne_NP locale and see same with any other locale as well.

One can easily observe shape difference. There are some difference in uses of Devanagari in each language, will be good if we get some document about this  difference we will happy to implement it in lohit.


Anonymous said...

I currently don't have access to a Fedora system, out of my home. Where can I download the .ttf file of the latest Lohit-Devanagari to test this feature ?

Pravin Satpute said...

you can get source from use fontforge to make ttf from it

or download lohit-devanagari-fonts-2.4.3-8.fc14.noarch.rpm from from it get .ttf file

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, for great work...