Monday, December 03, 2012

Liberation 2.0 and Liberatoin 1.0 comparisons

 Liberation 2.0 is one of the feature of Fedora 18. but Below are some comparison screenshots between liberation 2.0 and liberation 1. See the at smaller sizes and higher sizes output is same.

Liberation Mono 1.0  Vs Liberation Mono 2.0

Liberation Mono Regular 2.0

Liberation Mono Bold 1.0

Liberation Mono Bold 2.0

Liberation Sans Regular 1.0

Liberation Sans Regular 2.0

Liberation Sans Bold 1.0

Liberation Sans Bold 2.0

Liberation Serif Regular 1.0

Liberation Serif Regular 2.0

Liberation Serif Bold 1.0

Liberation Serif Bold 2.0


prokoudine said...

Dude, Fontmatrix has glyph comparison feature for a reason. Do you really expect people to scan through all this and have a clue about the changes? :)

Anonymous said...

I'd advise a hover event to change between V1 and V2 pics so that you might be able to see a difference

Anonymous said...

There is a long (and ugly ;)) BZ on that:

and the last word still has not been spoken.