Sunday, September 29, 2013

Workshop from W3C-India on "HTML 5 tour in India" 25th Sept 2013 Pune

    Cant call it exactly workshop, it was more like demonstrating power of HTML5 and explaining concepts and increasing awareness so more and more people start building powerful websites based on HTML5.

    Workshop  in Pune city  was one of the part of whole HTML5 tour in India. W3C India's plan was to cover major regions of India and spread the thought everywhere. W3C guys covered different topics at different cities (See program for more details [1]).

    Was lucky that after long time got a chance to meet Raymond Doctor, we discussed on some projects and planned to meet soon to discuss more on those. 

    First time got a chance to hear CDAC DG Prof. Rajat Moona [2] and liked his motivation speech of explaining how technologies evolved during the time.

    After his talk In pre-lunch session Michael smith [2] calmly explained W3C initiative and motivatoin behind each initiative. Basic motivation is solving the problems. He expressed his concern about though W3C is developing protocols faster but due to dependence on web browsers it does not reach to masses in timely manner.

    I really appreciate Michael for the way he answered each question from audience in very detailed way.

    Post lunch session was mainly on webRTC. I am really impressed with the demonstration of the webRTC and i am sure it is going to be one of the threat to video conferencing application. Some of Machael's session on webRTC are already available on youtube.

    Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni explained about the importance of epub3 guidelines w.r.t. complexities of Indian scripts.

       I have done some tweets during the workshop, one can find it from [4].

    Workshop was housefull. There were number of students present. Due to small size halls some audience was attending workshop on projectors. I think W3C should really improve this and next time plan for auditorium with more capacity.

    Since most of the people only attended one of the part of whole HTML5 tour, i requested w3cindia provide videos of sessions happened in other cities. I think it will be made available on w3cindia website.

1. (Still not understanding why this link is not opening in Firefox sometime)

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