Friday, October 10, 2014

Fedora has the latest google-noto-fonts with addition of 44 new font families

Last week i done with packaging latest upstream release of Google's ambitious project Noto fonts  (google-noto-fonts).

Last time we packaged it on Aug 2013 with 69 subpackage. With this latest package Fedora 21 has got all the improvements done in upstream over the year.

New package google-noto-fonts has 106 packages. 44 New packages over the earlier release from Google.

I am planning to write one article in FedoraMagzine for it, mentioning how tricky it was to package it for Fedora and what are benefits Fedora gets by packaging noto fonts. What are the missing things in Noto fonts. Stay tuned !!

Bodhi link here


arekm said...

Hm, but where are noto CJK fonts? Don't see these in fedora package.

Pravin Satpute said...

I did not found them is git repo. Can you point me to it?

arekm said...

Well, I don't know repo with CJK but CJK is mentioned on noto web page:

(small part of CJK family, there is more there)

Pravin Satpute said...

I found it now. Its under third-party.

Thanks for pointing to it, i will add it in next release.

Pravin Satpute said...

CJK fonts now available in google-noto-fonts.