Thursday, December 26, 2013

Malayalam moderns script and Lohit Mayalam

As you know we started working on Lohit Mayalam this month under the lohit2 project with planning number of improvement from standards, efficiency and effectiveness purpose. [1]

Sneha in between blogged regarding how we started working on Lohit Malayalam. [2]

After getting initial basic work done we got stuck on standard perspective. How the ligatures should be and what is attestation for same.

Earlier Lohit Malayalam was behaving bit different, cross checked with some modern script Malayalam fonts around like NotoSans, RaghuMalayalam. Gone through utrrs but still attestation was lacking.

Finally after bit searching remembered Govt. of India has Vishwabharat(विश्वभारत) [3] series where they write regarding each script of India.

 And we got good documentation for Malayalam modern orthography. We will refer to this and cross check with things around before the Alpha release of lohit-malayalam.


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