Thursday, January 30, 2014

Announcing alpha release of lohit-malayalam 2.91.0 from lohit2 project

   Glad to announce alpha release of lohit-malayalam 2.91.0 from lohit2 project[1]. As we planned earlier [2] indeed this is lightest Malayalam modern script font around with just 214 glyphs and 11 open type table.

    We have done following improvements in Alpha version over the 2.5.4 release.

  • Reduced number of glyphs nearly by 25%
  • Open type Looksup are reduced by 45%
  • Supporting mlm2 and mlym specifications.
  • Testing on Harfbuzz NG and Uniscribe (W8)
  • Followed AGL syntax with User friendly glyph names.
  • Improved GASP table (grid-fitting)
  • TTF build from feature file.
    Updated lohit project page [3] for download details. Source tarball link [4], TTF tarball link [5] and webfonts format for Lohit is at [6].

    I would like to say thanks to Ani for her help in testing stuff, Shriramana for reporting important bugs from standard perspective and Sneha for making this happen :)

    As this is alpha release need your help for testing it and making it more perfect. I am still doubtful that we might have missed some important exceptions of Malayalam script so looking forward to fix them in coming releases.

    By next week this release will be available in Fedora 20 and Rawhide.


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