Monday, November 18, 2013

First day of language summit and things achieved.

It was good day considering the plans i did before the start of summit 2013. [1]
Lohit2 Development session:
  •  Started with explaining basic idea behind Lohit2 project.
  • Next we had excellent discussion again on Adobe Glyph Names. I am sure i made concept very clear but still there are some plus and minuses with AGL. In the next conference around Typography i am surely would love to talk in details regarding it.
  • Aravinda [2] explained his blog wrote on lohit2 kannada and gubbi and navilu font development. 
    • I loved his idea for having script for generating AGL based names from user friendly name. 
    • In long term if we can have such script useful for building .sfd to .ttf and automatically all fonts build with fontforge will become AGL compliant.
  • Sneha explained on steps followed to develop Devanagaria ang Gujarati. These steps are very helpful as we are going to follow same for all other script fonts. I hope sneha would like to blog about same with more details.
  • Santhosh exaplined Gsoc project for automatically testing fonts rendering. 
    • Earlier i had different perspective on this project. Since We are already following test suite in Harfbuzz developed by Behdad.
    • Here first step is different. i.e. font developer suppose to create correct combination standard file. Then we will pass unicode text to hb-shape and compate o/p with out standard file.
    • This project is font specific on the other hand Harfbuzz is not font specific but assumes fonts work perfect on Uniscribe (This assumption is correct since font used for testing were validated and heavily tested on Uniscribe)
  • Done some plans for future development and done.
  • I liked some of the attendees shown interest for how they can resuse Lohit2 open type table. going to explain it in tomorrow session with implementing concept on Samyak fonts, so stay tuned :)
Font packaging session:
This session was good, as i think first time Fedora and Debian package were in front and discussing how we can improve. It was good to have me, Parag, Karthik and VasudevK here.

Thanks VasudevK [8] for creating track request [3] for packing ibus-typing-booster in Debain. I am sure after learning about this project more Debian users will request for having itb in Debian.

As per planned me and Parag packaged SakalMarathi [4], tharlon-fonts[5], phetsarath-fonts [6], tuladha-jejeg-fonts [7]

  Looking forward to attend Behdad's session on Harfbuzz via Google Hangout.


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