Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Points on Open source language summit 2013 second day

As my first tweet in the morning said, this is lohitise and ibus-typing-booster day
 we indeed had great day around this project.

Lohit-ising fonts:

Demonstrated lohit-ise concept with Samyak Devanagari fonts due to time restriction we only modified the single combination of Samyak Devanagari but i hope that was sufficient for understanding concept.

I hope Sneha [1] will do further blogging with nice images on how we actually done this demonstration. Steps are already available on my earlier blog.[2]

Looking forward this to make good impact on some of the available fonts around. But i think still people will take time understanding usefulness of this. So we need to provide clear details on what things got improved and how it will help in longterm after lohit-ising fonts.

Ibus typing booster [3]
This project is around now for 2+ years and number of feature developed considering users requirement.
Anish started nicely with the need behind this project with me presenting on feature of typing booster.

Thanks a lot to Vasudev again for trying installing ibus-typing-booster on Debian. I am hoping he liked the project and will give some more inputs and contribute more.

I tried last two time test day of itb and this is first time when all participants appreciated project and said the need of more intense testing of this may be for couple of hours. This is really motivating.

I am setting up project page for it.

1. http://snehakore.blogspot.in/
2. http://pravin-s.blogspot.in/2013/11/how-to-lohit-ise-open-type-fonts-not.html
3. https://fedorahosted.org/ibus-typing-booster

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