Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things i am expecting from the open source lang summit 2013


  Almost start of the open source lang summit 2013. I think this is good time to list down things i am expecting from this summit.

  If you had chance to gone through my earlier blog [1] on the sprints plan for this summit, you might be already know the activities i was planning.

  Happy that all my sprint plans are got accepted and excited to work on it.


Day 2
  1. (Sprint 1 )
- Lohit2
    - Hacking Telugu and Kannada Open type table
Telugu does not looks possible but i am optimistic for Lohit Kannada2, lets see if we can have at least alpha ready...

    - Testing of Released Devanagari and Gujarati
Devanagari Beta is out last week and Gujarati Alpha is yesterday itself. Hoping we will have some more thorough testing for same.

Day 2
(Sprint 2 )
Just idea presently on how we can use lohit2 reusable tables in long run
- Lohit-ise (Will give small 10min presentation on this)
    - Work on Devanagari and Gujarati fonts

   First of all i need to explain the concept clearly. Once that is done and there will be no doubts, we will try to implement it on Samyak fonts and if contributors are interested will help to implement it on other fonts.

Day 1
(Sprint 3 )
Time to update font packages in major OS distribution. One can learn packaging through this sprints. Expecting experts from different distribution packaging team will be there to help.
- Packaging AnjaliOldLipi,  Meera Tamil and SakalMarathi for Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu

I am sure we will have at least srpm ready for these packages for Fedora. Hoping debian packagers attending here will also able to push up .deb packages.

Input Method 

(Sprint 1)

    - Packaging for Debian and Ubuntu

 Now sure about this yet. :( So looking around Debian and Ubuntu packagers.
 Porting ibus-typing-booster to fcitx is not required as fcitx following little bit different architecture. Thanks for fcitx main developer for explaination.

 (Sprint 3)

Presentation and testing event.

I am excited for this. I am damn sure attending will have so much to take out after this sprint.

(Sprint 4)
Plan is to create layout images for inscript2 layout.
- Keyboard Layout Images
    - Porting mapper scripts to support inscript2 layouts
    - Update Fedora wiki images of keyboard layout

Parag is going to lead this session. Looking forward we will have something handy and helpful in this session.

  Welcome to all attendis.

Please ignore typos and grammar mistake ;)


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