Thursday, February 11, 2016

Experience of attending DevConf.CZ 2016 - Day 2 & 3

Day 2

    Attended number of talks on day 2.
Second day, Noriko introduced me with Jona. Jona recently conducted two translation sprints for Albania. Noriko and Jona both were at Fedora booth on second day. Happy Noriko was in Devconf she helped to gather contributors interested and working for Globalizing Fedora :) I also spared sometime with them near Fedora booth. We decided to talk more in G11N meetup planned at 4pm.

We started moving to meetup room around 4pm. It was me, Fale, Jona, Noriko and puiterwijk. I earlier thought it will be quick meetup but gradually we discussed number of topics and it went on and on :) I learned lots of interesting things from localization point of view.
Second G11N meetup at DevConf 2016
Unfortunately markers was not working well and we started to add points to piratepad.

It was Networking Party day at Starobrno brewery pub. It is big pub and party was on till 2am but unfortunately next day my talk was there also don't wanted to miss Denise and Matthew talk in morning. So with heavy heart back to hotel around 11pm.   

Day 3

  • From schedule itself i started feeling its mini-flock :)
  • Was just in time to first talk, where Denise was explaining what Red Hat looking from Fedora, which i often explain in Fedora introduction. Then Matthew took over for State of Fedora, was happy with nice stats. Happy we are gradually moving from guess numbers to actual numbers. 
Relationship of Red Hat & Fedora+State of Fedora
  • Then i attended next talk from Matthias Clasen and Paul Frields, It was good talk and covered lots of topic.
And here comes my talk, First of all it was Sunday afternoon and parallel talk by Ralph Bean :) Even i was interested in attending his talk ;)

But happy, most of the people interested in G11N were there including Remy :) I made sure to make it more interesting by showing Voice Recognition Elevator - ELEVEN funny video demonstrating problems of non-globalized voice operated elevator system and same time technical.

Slides of my talk are available on slideshare. I intentionally avoided details on L10N, since Noriko's more detailed talk on L10N was next.

Noriko - Explaining huge tasks from L10N

It was good after my talk there was Noriko talks, it came in natural flow and few more people were there in Noriko's talk including docs members.

Then i went for lunch, found Matthew alone there at booth. Had good discussions with him on G11N, Flock and FUDCon and how to increase contributors and also bit roughly talked on idea of having G11N FAD with flock so more people from G11N can attend flock also they can have FAD.

Then comes final session...Grand Finale! Win Win Win!
Finale session.
Wow, it was hosue full and great to see happy faces all around with excellent DevConf. I liked the way, goodies distributed with easy competition. Though it sounded it was not since, most of the people sat down after few questions ;)

Then bye bye bye to all. Wanted to attend EMEA Ambassadors FAD but i was very tired and also next morning early flight to Mumbai.  Me, Huzaifas and Sinny moved to nice dinner at Pizzeria Al Capone to have Pizza.

At morning 6am started tiring journey back to Mumbai. Thought it was 24hrs but its always feels good to return back home, specifically after back to back conferences :)

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