Thursday, February 11, 2016

My experience of DevConf CZ 2016 - Day 1

This was my first DevConf, not able to join last year due to other schedules. Had very good experience and if get chance definitely would like to attend DevConf 2017 :)

Day 1

  • From registration desk to conference room, everything was well organized.
  • I liked Keynote on first day. It was motivating for all developers and provided key points about how to become "Rock star". During the start only Tim mentioned all these points came from him own experience of working with 1000+ engineers. 
    Tim Burke - Talking on "Rock Star Recipe"
  • We had planned Globalization meeting specifically for FLTG and talks with Council. Most of the rooms were already booked for meetups. Luckily we got 1pm slot. Some time went on organizing this meetup and communicating with interested participants.

  • In DevConf there is no slot for lunch, rather they have live food counter for almost all day. One can simply go there as per his preferred time. It provided one more slot for sessions.
  • I met Remy on first day. It was great meeting him, we had quick conversation on G11N and he mention he is interested to get more idea and also has some plans for localization. 

Remy, Ani and Mike Fabian - During G11N meetup
  • It was me, Noriko, Remy, Mike Fabian, Fale and Ani for the meeting. We started by having discussion on on-boarding steps for new contributors. Significance of badges. Remy also informed about Fedora hubs and how it will be beneficial. Luckily we got free lunch boxes from earlier meeting and we enjoyed lunch there :)

Summary of discussions in meetup
  • After meeting i attended talk on "Ceph vs Gluster vs Swift: Similarities and Differences". It was good talk and nicely provided idea on basic concepts and differences between all these projects.

Lukáš Fryč - in Workshop
  • End of day i attended workshop on "Create & deploy mobile apps in minutes with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform". It was already housefull, luckily i got one seat. Lukáš Fryč going in good speed and was making sure everyone with him during workshop. I have already deployed few apps on OpenShift, it made bit easy and quick for me. At the end of session i had app developed by me, deployed in my Mobile.

Me with Guide and Group during City Tour
  • First day Devconf had organized "City Tour", i joined it. Guide was excellent and kept us busy with interesting information about Brno. 

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