Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Fedora release event in Yangon, Myanmar 2016

This happened in Fedora - Myanmar community office. Location is nice and ideal for hacking
We came around 10:30 but since few more people were stuck in traffic decided to start bit late. Cake was ready and then me and Leap decorated it with DVD's and stickers.
 We started with introduction of all participants. Most of the participants were already Fedora users around Fedora 20. Interesting part was they all were more from the users side of Fedora, so decided to put more strength on how they can move ahead and become contributor.
 As per schedule Yan started with introduction of Fedora. He talked on "how he came to Fedora world". He mentioned regarding earlier he was not happy with Fedora for not providing media codecs but later learned its because Fedora follows strictly FOSS principles.

Then Leap, started talk on how one can contribute to Fedora even if he is from different domains. I was adding few points with him as per required.

It was already around 1pm, so we decided to cut cake and go ahead with lunch.  During same time around 10 students joined from "University of Computer Studies Yangon”.

Lunch was very special since it was home cooked by Wai Yan (John Reginald) and other Fedora members here . Really excellent place, you can cook, eat, work and hangout :)  Appreciated cook and gang helped to him. Indeed very lucky to get in-home cooked food in Myanmar. Much much better than outside food.

Must say thanks to Yan Naing Myint for sponsoring lunch and lovely cake for Fedora 23 release !!

During lunch, we had some discussion with students, we got some interesting questions. Leap helped to answered regarding Admin side and me more from Development side :) I wondered no one from Myanmar contribute to GSoC.

Two students were from Tamil and one from Bihar and they specifically mentioned it, Glad to see Indians in event.

We started after lunch and Yan again started with Fedora intro talk. This time it was in Burmese language, he explained number of topic. Including how to get Fedora and what are Fedora philosophies.

 Then we asked Leap to talk on How to contribute again :) 3rd time in 2 days he was talking on this topic ;)

This time even much better and had good impact on audience. 
 Then i started bit interactive talk on "What students required?" and "How can they get it from Fedora?". I mentioned one point during talk is to start using Fedora and start play with system and report issues. Also shown them what patch does mean.

Audience requested if they can know how to install Fedora.  Here Yan started with demonstration of Fedora 23 DVD's. He explained in details most of the topic and in middle i highlighted missing things from Myanmar, i.e English (Myanmar)  locale, no translations and recommended if they are interested they can contribute into it.

We all decided to take Tea break, while packages were getting installed. We moved to small local stall for Tea.

 Then it was already 6pm and attendees were planning to go home, thought will quickly check newly installed system. Later Yan shown them how to create FAS, there name Wiki page and bugzilla account.

After everyone went we started working on testing Internationalization support for Myanmar (Burmese) language. I demonstrated few things to Yan and asked him to check with hall.  Then we started creating Myanmar localization group, we completed all steps.  Luckily we found noriko on IRC, she also checked those things Only thing remained was to create group in Zanata.
Around 8:30 me and Leap left from Venue.  Mostly decided not to meet on second day, since we had flights around afternoon and attendees mostly comes post lunch session.  Also our Hotel was bit far from event place and Yangon is also well know for Traffic Jams ;)

This way we had nice Fedora 23 release event. Next day planned more work by attendees to Fedora. i.e. becoming contributor to Fedora. But not much happened since it was working day.

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